Oh my. So we went to the Easter Egg Hunt. I swear to all that is holy that every commercial I saw said the thing started at nine and to come early to have your picture taken with the Easter bunny. So Kaia and I met Valerie and Mina and Margo at eight in the morning. Guess what? It didn’t start until TEN! And the bunny wasn’t coming until 930!!!!! So we went back to the Omlette Shoppe and had coffee and hot chocolate. As we were leaving Mina pushed the bar on the emergency exit setting off the alarm….we all felt so bad for her, but what do expect? Four year olds are curious. We went back to the civic center for the egg hunt. There are hundreds and hundreds of people. There were some poor bunnies you could pet and then there was the Easter bunny. She was just hopping around and taking pics here and there. So Kaia (in her stroller) parked next to her and had a few pics taken, and she didn’t really care that there was a larger than life rabbit looking at her; she just wanted to stroke the fake fur on the costume. Mina and Margo would not go near that bunny! So no picture with the Easter Bunny this year for them.

So they had all the kids divided up by ages for the egg hunts. We were in the 4-6 year olds (I didn’t think Kaia really wanted an egg anyway). It was on one of the softball fields and Kaia and I were standing behind the fence watching the kids gets antsy. Finally they give the count down…3…2…1…GO! And with a mighty roar these kids charged…except the caution tape keeping them off the field didn’t budge, and when it did kids were getting trampled everywhere. When they roared, Kaia grabbed hold of the fence and put her little face right up to it saying “ooooo!”. It was over in less than a minute, Mina got 4 eggs and Margo got 2. LOL, it was insane, but now we know for next time! And we did not go to the one that was delivering Easter Bunny via helicopter…so I don’t know how that whole thing went off…

Yesterday we had a turkey dinner at my dad and val’s. Kaia wore a pretty dress…we all ate too much…Desperate Housewives was EXCELLENT!! Who is Angela? Why did she change her name to Mary Alice? Who was Dana and why are she and Mary Alice dead? What does Felicia know? Who knew Bree could be so nice and give Gabrielle the money to get her pipes fixed? Ok…sorry…

I should go, we have to get moving, things to do and all that. I hope you all had a great weekend!


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