Ha. The liftgate on the back of our Jeep, you know, the trunk, its all one part, the window and door aren’t seperate. Well I recall going out to buy the car and Dad trying to get that gate to open and acting kinda mad that it didn’t, etc. I think in the more than two years we’ve had it that gate has opened about 10 times. It is always stuck. Well we have a taillight and a reverse light out and the only way to get to them is….you guessed it!….the liftgate has to open. And would you all please humbly bow to me…the queen of the liftgate!! Casey worked on that thing for I don’t know how long. I finally convinced him to let me crawl in the back and give ‘er the old college try (plus I had watched my stepdad do it right after we got the car). So I climb in and sit down, cold wind blowing on my butt crack….I jam the screwdriver into the mechanism and VOILA! the damn thing pops open. Casey demands to know how I did it and shhh, but I’m not sure, at that point I was just pissed off and desperate. So he has run off to get lights and we will be good as new!

Mina and Margo slept at quiet time today and are now ready to go! Kaia didn’t sleep but she did blow big kid chunks on my bare foot and that was really nice. You could actually see the spinach, cheese and crazy bread…sorry Kelly! I just didn’t know a 10 month old could do that. Mystery solved, eh?

We are maybe going to see the Easter Bunny tomorrow, but I’ve heard that literally thousands of kids turn out for the free easter egg hunt and to see the big white bunny so I’m not sure. It really is a selfish desire on my part because they are having a petting zoo and you can pet the rabbits and I love to pet things. I just am not sure I would actually touch it because it does have glistening rodent teeth…and after being man handled by 1500 six year olds I might bite someone too…Oh yeah, and Valerie just called and said a friend of her’s said there is another bunny event on the other end of town and darned of that rabbit isn’t going to be flown in by helicopter!!! HELICOPTER?! He’s the darn Easter Bunny, not MacGuyver…

Speaking of rodent teeth…you should all go say hello to my little sister, make her feel welcome and all…she is fairy_kisses112 and that really is a chinchilla in a clown suit….She is the not one with rodent teeth, she actually has lovely teeth, she loves chinchillas and has one (two now?)….Now my immediate family has been xanga-ized:  aprecheriam, agentlespirit, jerrycramer2002 and my sis. If I was not html challenged I could make it easy and you could simply click on their names and go…but I don’t seem to have that function on my own particular site…

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend…I am going and break up the cat fight in the living room (“sissy, top pulling me hair! you pull it edery day! Kaia too,  her pull my hairs edery day!”)….


5 thoughts on “

  1. i am bowing to the queen of the liftgate…ahhhummmm……ahhhummmm (and chanting too) lol!
    LOL! “wind blowing on my butt crack” LOL!
    LOL! “glistening rodent teeth”  LOL!
    you do paint vivid pictures with your words!

  2. The bunny is flying in the helicopter?  Well I want to know who is paying for that?  Jeez!Dont you worry about the puking.  LOL!  That did sound really nasty though. 

  3. You seem to have some great skill with a thread and needle.  Have you ever thought of making some extra money by offering your services to the public?  Busy people and people who don’t have that talent would be knocking your door down. 

  4. Ugh, reminds me of the time my daughter, as a toddler, lifted up and ate some goat poop at a nasty petting zoo. It was funny at the time but I recently heard a news story about some kids somewhere who nearly died from germs from a petting zoo. Yuck!!

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