I  had a dream about Frodo and Sam climbing to Mordor last night, I was with them, climbing those jagged rocks, carrying my own little package. Where that came from I couldn’t say, we haven’t watched any of the trilogy in a few years though we keep meaning to have a Lord of the Rings night and somehow watch all three in one sitting. I wonder though what it was that I was trying to get rid of, what was that I wanted to throw into the firey pit of Mordor?

I got to thinking about it more this morning when I was accidentally a half hour early for work and realize that the dream opened…..anyway, I’m very busy at work, stay tuned for more random randomness…..Okay. So anyway. What I realized was that there are many many symbolic meanings to be found in the journey Tolkien needed hundreds and hundreds of pages to map out. And I pondered if we aren’t all climbing the sharp rocks and treacherous slopes of Mount Doom? What do we hope to pitch away from us? Addiction? Sickness? Habits and attitudes, prejudices? So that was my meditation this morning .

I also wanted to say in this little forum of my making, that I think we should leave Cuba alone. No offense meant to the the devout Jehovah’s Witnesses out there, but it seems like that’s what the US does, a great big door knocking campaign, good afternoon, we’d like to share this tract on democracy with you….I do NOT believe that it is the business of the US to spread democracy, I don’t believe it’s our calling to be occupying countries while we give them this beautiful gift, this new way of life and government. Why is our way the best way? Sure we all snort and stamp our feet at the idea, the very idea of commies (!), dictators (!)….but why is it up to us to go in and start riots and distress over our one golden idea? Take Cuba for example, we haven’t had a whole lot to do with Cuba in what, 40, 50 years? So why do we care whether or not they have a democratic government or if Fidel’s brother picks up where Fidel left off?

Don’t we have enough to deal with without fanning the flames of democracy? If Cuba wants a democratic government let them fight for it, let them lead their own revolution! A better relationship with Cuba, possibly an end to the trade embargo? Sure, maybe, but why does it have to be on our terms?

Do you ever wonder if some countries look at us and think, why don’t they clean up their own country? why don’t they handle the problems they have at home before they start to interfere with us? what makes them experts?  Indeed. Would you take advice from a marriage counselor who had been divorced four or five times? From a parental coach who has one kid in prison, one addicted to meth and the other one pregnant at 13? No! So why should other countries think we can help them if only they will say a prayer and accept democracy into their hearts when people in this country will not eat today. When there are people who can’t read here at home, people who don’t have a place to live, people who don’t have a job, people who don’t have healthcare. So that’s the question here, who are we to talk? Who made us an expert?

Anyway, there’s my rant for the day.

Seems like everyone is disappearing,  almost can’t believe I’ve been doing this so long.



2 thoughts on “Random

  1. There’s something to be said from the lessons learned from failure.  Someone who has been divorced four times should, at least, have a pretty clear idea of what NOT to do.  Not only that, you don’t necessarily need to be able to do something to know how to do it and to instruct others on how to do it.  You can coach an Olympic gold medal winning 

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