90 Books

Well. I’ve not been, even peeked, at xanga for almost two solid months, I guess the solitude of being surrounded by small children is different than being surrounded by adults. I don’t have a lot to say anymore.

But. This year I think I have read more books than Stephen King, which is no small feat my feathered friends! I heard somewhere that he reads like 88 books per year and I think this one I am finishing now will be number 90 for me.

What is in 90 books? How can there even be 90 different stories worth reading?

At work we have been moved all around and divided up by region. So now I have a handful of states that I always deal with and that’s nice because it gives me the opportunity to get to know agents and clients and also what their states require as far as their insurance documents.


Anyway.My only other comment is that I am beyond excited to have my whole family at my house for Christmas this year. I keep thinking of that song, I’ll be home for Christmas…and thinking that where the love light gleams is the only place I could ever want to be. Also that our house will gleam the brightest this year.


Happy Christmas and Peace in the New Year !


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