Its been raining about nonstop up here, a true wet fall. We look out the back windows and can’t believe how many leaves are still on the trees! It looks like a forest worth of leaves has already fallen in the backyard. Makes me feel kinda bad for people down south who are suffering from a horrible drought.

I was outside on my break at work yesterday and some people were talking about the war and the economy in Michigan and all those other political issues we all tend to get rather heated about. One guy was saying that he felt like a lot of the problems with Michigan’s economy had at least something to do with the federal government and couldn’t be blamed just on the state. This same guy also said that he thought that this war was wrong and that the President should be ashamed of himself. Well, there’s one in every crowd who would just go to the mat to support the President, who will believe everything that he says. The one in this crowd had that tone people get when they just know  what they are talking about, that tone that says “you know I have been telling and telling you this and you just don’t seem to get it”. He said that if it wasn’t this war it would have been another one. He said that it was “time” for a war. He said that, sure, this is all about oil. He said that it costs us “millions of dollars” to drill a single hole and bring up oil but that in Iraq you just punch a hole in the ground and it spurts out (which made me think of those Beverly Hillbillies and smother a little smile) and so why should we have to pay so much when it comes so hard when we can take it from the people who get it so easy?

Wow. Wow because now the total of Iraqi civilians that have died is in the hundreds of thousands, there are more than two million refugees in Syria alone. I am not saying that I either agree or directly disagree with what this guy said, I am just trying to make the point that if what he was saying is true, if this was really the main motivation…oh man, it just makes you want to cry doesn’t it? All this loss for oil? All this destruction and ruination for lucrative deals and contracts? And how could a Bush supporter say these things and be proud? More than 3800 of our own sons, fathers, husbands and brothers, gone. Doesn’t it just make you sick?

I was listening to NPR this morning in the car and they had gone to Syria and talked to some of the children there, most of them work because their parents can’t (because they don’t have a legal status and their kids apparently can work illegaly easier), most of them are now out of school and have been for the last three or four years, how will they catch up? Some of them got to go to a summer camp and be kids, but it was still noted by the camp counselors that these children are aggressive, they play too rough, they draw disturbing pictures of people without limbs and faces, they draw pictures of their mothers crying and buildings burning. And summer camp is only a week, only seven days to be a kid before you have to go back and live in abject poverty and work 12 hours a day bussing tables when you’re ten years old.

What have we done? Does anyone ever look back and say that? Why not?

(Mary Chapin Carpenter)

This isn’t for the ones who blindly follow
Jingoistic bumper stickers tellin’ you
To love it or leave it and you’d better love Jesus
And get out of the way of the Red, White, and Blue

This isn’t for the ones who buy their six-packs
At the 7-Eleven where the clerk makes change
Whose accent makes clear (he) sure ain’t from here
They call him a camel jockey instead of his name

No, this is for the ones who stand their ground
When the lines in the sand get deeper
When the whole world seems to be upside down
And (the) shots bein’ taken get cheaper, cheaper

This isn’t for the ones who would gladly swallow
Everything their leader would have them know
Bowing and kissin’ while the truth goes missin’
“Bring it on,” he crows, puttin’ on his big show

This isn’t for the man who can’t count the bodies
Can’t comfort the families, can’t say when he’s wrong
Playin’ “I’m the decider,” like some sort of Messiah
While another day passes and a hundred souls gone


This is for the ones that I see above me
Three little stars in a great big sky
Light for the world and hope for the weary
They try

This isn’t for the ones with their radio signal
Callin’ for bonfires and boycotts, they rave
Exhorting their listeners to spit on the sinners
While countin’ the bucks of advertising, they’ll say

[Tag Chorus:]
This isn’t for you and you know who you are
Just do what you want ’cause I know that you can
But I gotta be true to myself and to you
So on with the song, I don’t give a damn


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