Sweet Summertime

Well hello everyone!

Today (I think I heard its actually not until 2pm?) is the first day of SUMMER! I watch out ABC affiliate in the morning and in between scorning the news anchor and corralling Kaia I love to watch the almanac they use to show the sunrise and sunset, hottest/coldest temps ever, etc., and I always brace to see that the sun is setting earlier today than it did yesterday, but we’re not there yet so its a good day!

No huge plans this weekend, have to finish getting the house ready for its open house on Sunday, just a few neatening things to do. Plus we have to replace the little globe light fixture on the dining room light because I got mad and threw a sippy cup at it, a shot in a million, I never could hit it again like that. I think that was cabin fever…The open house is Sunday, I hope it’s a bust.  Casey and I need to get the rest of our stuff mailed into the credit reporting bureaus so we can get that crap straightened out and start looking for a house of our own. I swear its the only thing that keeps us moving sometimes. We’ll get a good house now and maybe someday we’ll have all that acreage and the big old farmhouse with small bedrooms and slanty floors.

Work is kinda quiet today, came in at 8:30 because I volunteered for the OT, but its a long day when I was already scheduled for 10 hours. Ugh. I’ll make it though.

Hope you all have a great day!


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