I was reading female_valet this morning and really identified with what she said about xanga being a great outlet for venting…but when times are good not really an everyday journal.

I’m not around like I used to be either. I thought when Kaia was younger and I was home with her and Margo and Mina that I was busy. So I don’t understand how I feel busier now with only one little child running around.

My mom is with us now, we’re happy to have her, Kaia especially. When I got home last night Kaia ran to the door and said “This my FGranny!” like she was introducing us.

Just wanted to stop in and say hi, trying not to think about how June is half over and I missed summer even starting! Hot up here, high of 87 today….Hope you all are hanging in there!


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  1. I haven’t been hanging around Xanga as often either.  It comes and it goes. . . probably after I get a few things ironed out in real life I’ll visit my Xanga more often.  Nice to see you online–enjoy the summer!

  2. 87 is really hot for that part of MI, isnt it?  when we were there its was so humid i thought i was going to puke. yuck! 

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