Hi all. I heard about the lady in Texas who killed herself and three of her daughters, and even though I changed the channel and tried not to think about it she keeps lingering in the back of my mind, flashes of white dresses with ribbons on a hot summer day haunt me. What can we do to help these women? How can we prevent this from happening over and over again? Was it postpartum depression, some combination of mania and desperation? How come no one saw that she was so sick? God it just turns my stomach to think of it, how if one person had tried to help maybe it could have been stopped in time. This kind of thing didn’t used to bother me, I’m not being callous, just honest, my world (I thought) was big enough, my life full enough that the sorrow of people didn’t have much effect on me. Now though, like a cat who’s had too  many litters (I know of one if anyone wants her), my brain has gone soft or something and when I hear stories like this I want to either vomit or lay down and cry. Is it being a mom? Feeling soft, chubby baby girl legs? Listening to her sing her dolls to sleep at night that makes the thought of these lives lost so unbearable? Sheesh, way to be a downer, eh?

In other news…our house is still for sale. We’re just moving day by day, which is ideal for us, we’re not big planners  and enjoying what time we have left in the house. Also looking forward to purchasing a new one, we know what we have to do to make that happen and we’re working on it! I think we’ll stay in the area, Casey and I have talked about moving home and decided we’ve just gotten to a place where are semi-comfortable, both having good jobs, etc, and we’re not anxious to start over.

Kaia had her third birthday, we had a very small little gathering and she had her cake and ice cream. Anyway, just wanted to stop by. Hope all is well.


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