Good Friday Morning everyone!!! Look at that, I hate extra exclamation points and I used them just because its Friday!

Its been a long week. We found out our house is being sold by our landlord and now have entered into the labryinth that is getting a mortgage. We’ve been talking to a really nice guy here in town who says he has “some ideas”…its just so nice to not have the door slammed in your face after you tell someone you have about zero to put down and not so great credit; nice to have someone who seems to be willing to go to bat for you. We were pretty upset when we heard the news, even though its not our house it kinda is, ya know?

For as long as I can remember I’ve credited too much emotion or life to inanimate objects. I remember tucking my stuffed animals into their beds and making sure everyone was covered up and no one had a blanket over his face. I also had a rotating schedule so no one would feel left out if they didn’t get to sleep on my bed. It makes me sad to drive by fields gone to seed and houses that have blank broken holes where sparkling glass windows used to be. So of course I get all wrapped up in believing my house (any house, but I feel my own more acutely) has feelings. Sure it does, and it just wouldn’t understand if this family that herded in and adopted it suddenly herded out. What would it do with all those memories?

When we left our house in Spring Lake to move up here we made the last trip late at night on Valentine’s Day. We both stood in the yard and cried. We felt like we had really put a lot into that place, mostly as our relationship grew. It was like paint on the walls, our love left a rosy hue..does than make any sense to anyone but me?

Anyway, so we were really sad but now there seems to be a glimmer of hope so we’ll just have to sit tight.

Going to Texas next week for Jared’s graduation ( and looking forward to traveling with my sis and seeing my mumma cat! We are camping, yes CAMPING (I’m showing my girl power, belligerent face) in abilene so I’m really hoping it will be about a hundred degrees with lots of fire ants!! Just kidding, we can do this, how hard can it be? Plus the campground has actual toilets which is a perk because otherwise I’d be driving to the nearest gas station…someone near and dear to me fell into an outhouse when he was a child and has been (unbeknownst to him probably) tormenting me with that for EVER. So anyway. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Clap your hands if you believe in fairies and home finance for the Hagers!


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  1. Good luck! I’m sending positive vibes your way! Alina and I just heard today that our rent is going waaay up, so we’re in a similar boat. I’ve been working on repairing my credit for over two years now and have EVERYTHING paid off. The trouble is that now my score still sucks because I have no recent credit accounts…catch 22. Oh well, we’re really thinking of moving back to Florida within the next year or two, and this higher rent is not going to help;)To us taking back our credit!

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