Hello Everyone!

Sheesh, I keep telling myself I just posted and then I come look and see its been a week.

We had everyone over for dinner last Saturday, Amy and Ryan, Dad, Val, Mina and Margo. We grilled cheeseburgers and had pasta salad and baked potatoes and Val made a chocolate cake for dessert. Us ladies played Nerts (or peanuts depending on where you grew up I guess) and Val whooped Amy and I. The little girls clacked around in their high heels and fought over them as we only had two pair. The guys played poker for about five hours….

The girls got me up a little before seven am on Sunday and I told them to go back to bed because it was way to early to be up when they had still been awake and giggling in Kaia’s room at 11:30pm….everyone else was sleeping…We did finally all get up, dad managed to sleep through the whining of those three tired girls, everyone else waking up, etc…We went for a very nice breakfast at Minerva’s. So we had a great time and were so happy to have everyone over.

Its Tuesday so tomorrow I will be half way through another week. I try, I really do, to not think of time that way. I try to be grateful for every day and to live inside every moment but I look forward to the weekends and look forward to having another week of experiences under my belt at work. Next week my schedule changes and I’ll be working 4 days a week from 10-8…not so bad since I get three days off…now if only they could be in a row!

Well it looks like my supervisors are plotting another dastardly deed so I should scoot and look busy. Have a great day everyone!!





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  1. what on earth is Nerts? peanuts?  never heard of it.have a great week.  10-8 is a long day!  i was always into the short shifts and longer work week. 

  2. You are going to like having three days at home. Why did I assume they would be the weekend plus either Friday or Monday? You never said it, I just thought it.
    I wanna play nerts with you and Amy and Val. Waaaaaaahhhhhh!

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