Good Tuesday morning everyone! I am so glad its  not Monday anymore, I think people just get the Monday mania and assume the day has to be bad simply because its a monday…but then again it was a crappy day. I had a lot of weird calls and talked to a few people who were angry, it helps so much though to know that I have this huge company behind me and that the product we’re dealing with has integrity; we’re not ripping people off and then trying to defend it.

I’m reading I, Mona Lisa and its good. The only thing I think is that I shouldn’t have read it right after The Birth of Venus because they are very very similar stories and take place at exactly the same time in Italian history. Both books are during the end of the Medici Family’s hold on Florence (both take place in Florence) and the upcoming Savonarola, the fiery little monk who creates a rebellion against the Medici. Both girls in the two stories are of course linked to the Medici and also to Savonarola. So its good just a little too much of the same history for one week. I only have one book from the seven Amy brought me left, its the Ice Queen…so I’m trying to draw it out but not really succeeding. I still need to send a bunch of these books to my mom too…

Anyway, I’ll get back to work now…hope you all have a great day! 


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  1. Did you know that Julie and I toured the Medici palace when we were in Florence? Man, it was ornate! They had a series of streets built over the city so they wouldn’t have to bump elbows with the poor of the city. Ya know like the tunnel things that go from parking garages to hospitals? Like that.
    They had them from their palace to their factory and some other places too. I cannot imagine living like they did. You’d have to think of how Oprah or Donald Trump or Bill Gates live now.

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