Good morning everyone. Well, its been an eventful week or so since I last posted. Now that the weather is turning toward spring the phones are lighting up with people wanting to have their cars ready for the summer driving season.

Casey’s mom and dad were supposed to come up last weekend and we were shocked when just Sue pulled into the driveway in her little car. Usually its Sue and Bob driving their big Astro van, I was proud of her for making the long trip alone, she must have really been driven to see Kaia (no pun intended!). She brought me some beautiful roses and some chocolates and brought Casey a book on fly fishing. We drove out to a little area behind a cool place called Ranch Rudolph and looked at the swollen river, it was high and running pretty fast. We hiked out and I have never seen so much deer poop in my life! It was like if they just swung their butt to the left or right they could have not pooped on the trail…we were joking that they were sending us humans a clear message. As we were walking three guys in kayaks went by and one guy tipped over! They were maybe ten minutes into their trip and he was done, no wetsuit, just really wet with really cold water in about 55 degree temperatures.

After our little excursion we went back to the house and Sue and Casey were doing yard work. They raked all down one side of the house and most of the backyard. The amount of leaves is insane, we love the trees all summer because they shade the yard and offer a lot of privacy, but when those leaves start to fall it is a never ending job. They also used the leaf blower in the flower beds and we raked up two of them and put down wildflower seeds that are supposed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies and also a carpet type flower called alyssums. In the other three beds we put down cocoa bean shells so now the whole yards still smells like chocolate cake, which is unusual but nice. The shells look a lot nicer than woodchips, smell better too! So yeah, we were pretty productive, I did actually help with some of that, (gasp! alicia picked up a rake!).


Yeah, just a few trees, and these go all the way around the house and pretty deep into the lot. This is when its all pretty and in bloom, right now everything is just budding or still bare.


On Sunday we went to my dad’s and hung around all day. We watched “Something’s Gotta Give” and had my dad’s famous grilled chicken and Sue brought a Black Forest cake for Uncle Bill’s birthday. I guess Dad and Val and the girls are moving to Farmington Hills for a job Val was offered. So they’re selling the house and we’re all sad, I think, even them. But from talking to them its plain to see that its best for them right now.

Casey bought an old work truck on Monday so he has a loud pickup now and he likes it I think. Now we don’t have to make multiple trips in the Jeep to make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be, this is the first time in about 4 years we’ve had two cars so it feels like life is looking up a little.

Well back to work, I’ll be around to say hello today.



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  1. I’m really sorry to hear that your Dad and Valerie and the girls are moving too. I’m sure it was a hard decision for them and that everybody will miss everybody.
    Isn’t it nice when the yard gets cleaned up and you’ve got flowers to look forward to? We walk outside and look at our flowers every day. All our rose bushes are starting to bloom. They are so pretty! I guess I better take a picture and post it on my blog.
    Give the Kai-bird a big sloppy kiss from her granny.

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