No Esta Perdido!

Mer! I haven’t seen LOST in two weeks because this new 10pm time slot is messing with my schedule. I saw a preview last night and Kate and Jack were kissing and I’m like, what the heck?! she was “with” Sawyer just three weeks ago…that girl gets around.

Amy and her boyfriend came up to visit this weekend, we got some good deals and Goodwill and I’m pissed because the black pants I bought for $3 got bleach on them this morning. I’ve never tried to dye anything before but these pants might be worth it.

I’ve got more training today so have to be away from desk for most of my shift plus my shift changed so now I’m here from noon-8…and have training today from 1-5…..mer mer mer….

I’ll get back to work now…anyone in MI reading this who wants to sell me a CHEAP car should let me know….I’ll try to get around and see you all later, I don’t how busy it is here after 5pm…..Have a great day!



AND I’M READING “TEN BIG ONES” BY JANET EVANOVICH but the stupid thing won’t let me look for it…


2 thoughts on “No Esta Perdido!

  1. i think LOST has been fantastic this season.  did you miss the Hurley episode?  it was so great.  one of my all time favorite episodes!!!  they are soon going to be revealing the secret about Locke. 

  2. Did you buy the dye and try to fix your pants yet? Dye isn’t expensive at all, just be sure you run a hot EMPTY load with bleach after you dye your pants in the washer so none of the black residue winds up on any of your clothes.
    Yah, LOST! has been really good this season.

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