Losing My Religion

Does anyone ever ride in the car, probably alone (so they can think for two seconds!) and hear a sequence of songs and glance suspiciously around thinking….hmmm, a message from the beyond? a sign perhaps? Well I do and sometimes I hear the weirdest sets.

Take this morning, I was riding into work after dropping Kai at daycare (she was playing with trains on a huge carpet marked with train tracks and villages when I left) and I was almost to to work when that REM song came on so I turned it up because one never hears actual music on the radio in the morning so I was excited. Anyway, I have been feeling a little sad and probably a lot overwhelmed (though I would never admit that to myself) about leaving hotels and having to start all over and have everything from this screwy office environment (now I really understand all those movies though) to what I actually am selling change. I hate change. So the song comes on and he’s singing “thats me in the corner, thats me in the spotlight, losing my religion, trying to keep up with you, and I don’t know if I can do it…” etc….so then Hotel California comes on! And I sometimes wonder if what I’m feeling controls the radio, some kind of tele-kinetic activity, stranger things have happened. More likely how I feel is simply recognized in the music I hear, but I feel that way, like I’m losing my religion, my hotel religion and its kinda sad to know I could not ever work a front desk again; seems like an awful lot of wasted and useless knowledge.

Anyway, now I’m at work and gratified to have been able to sit down with my quad leader (immediate supervisor of 16 people) and have her go over my phone calls from Friday without being nervous about what she would say (she said “you could have done this differently….do you really understand what this is? let me help you….you did a really great job on this one….”)

Back to the grind, yesterday I did 42 calls and have had one today so far…I’m sure it’ll get busy when the west coast wakes up. Hope you all have a great day!


One thought on “Losing My Religion

  1. It is good to have you back on here on a regular basis.  Keep in mind that God will be able to use all of your life experiences to bring you to the point of your service to Him as He has planned.  Things fell into place for me a few years ago when He showed me how some of the seemingly strangest experiences all came together for His good.  I have always enjoyed learning new things but now I also accept each new experience as another way He is molding me.  

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