Monday Monday

Good morning everyone! I’m at my very own desk in my very own quad today! Taking my very own phone calls, etc. So I’m so glad to be done with training, we trained longer for this job than any other I’ve ever had, just think, today is my first day alone (not really alone, just not with trainers breathing down my neck) and I actually started my job here on January 15th…so that is one intensive program, on the plus side I feel prepared.

We rented The Departed and The Guardian on Friday, I got through the Guardian and it was okay…it was more fun making fun of it that taking it seriously, but I only caught about twenty minutes of the Departed. Something about a warm blanket, a cushy couch and the clock being past 9pm puts me out fast. We rented Little Miss Sunshine on Saturday because the third movie we rented Friday night didn’t play so we used up our free rental right away. It was very very good…the first five minutes were kinda like, hmmm, I knew this movie was just gonna be all weird stuff, but after that it was great, very funny if kinda cheesy in the end.

Anyway, its quiet this morning for me, I’m only licensed in Michigan so far so  my calls are few and far between, already made a trip to the office supply room and have nice strong coffee here on my desk. My desk is next to a wall that is 90% windows and looks out over the parking lot and neighborhood beyond. But its a nice view in that I’m on the third floor and can see more than the car park.

I hope you all have a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. little miss sunshine is my favorite movie.  i absolutely loved it.  the departed was fantastic also.  i watched it on friday.

  2. Ok, when I’m off your Xanga, I’ll go to my Netflix queue and put in The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine. We’re always looking for good movies to watch.
    I’m missin’ ya, Leesh, but I’m glad that you got through training and now are “on the floor”. You’ll be surprised how fast you get into the groove of your job. I’m proud of the good job you did in training. 🙂

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