Well hello! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since July, I guess I knew it had been awhile but not that long! Time flies…I’m still at my “new” job, I guess its okay. I miss the boring paperwork and contact with people I’ve had in most other jobs but its paying the bills (well kind of!) so I’m not complaining.

Kaia is so big! She weighs 30 lbs we were at the doctor yesterday because the poor girl is sick. She’s better today though, after being up most of the night with her I got up at about 8 this morning and she was sitting on the couch reading a book. She looked up and just said, “hi mama!” like it was the most normal thing…ha ha, she’s a big lady.

Our ears are still ringing with the sound of our wedding bells, yes, knot tied!! We’ve been official for about three weeks and no, not a lot is different. More than anything I just feel more secure, which is funny because I didn’t realize I ever felt insecure! But its nice and we’re very happy and the wedding was beautiful.

I think this is a “post all your pics” weekend so I’ll give it shot and try to get some wedding pics on, my Halloween pics are still on my camera. I don’t have time to stop around and say hi, I hope maybe you all will know I’ve posted and am alive and MARRIED! I hope everyone is doing well.


Mrs. Casey Hager 

Jared (my brother) performed the ceremony and Mina and Margo were flowergirls

My lovely maids, Erin, Sara and Amy (my sister)


Kaia was really interested in my earrings



And us having cake…..Take care everyone!


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  1. oh man!  i cant see your pics.  its so good to hear from you.  i was wondering if you were married yet.  i cant wait for you to fix the pics so i can see how big your little girl is.see you next post.kelly

  2. Ah buttercup, what a lovely week it was. I miss you so much! You were a beautiful bride (add a motherly blinking of tears..)
    Didn’t I tell you it would feel different to be married? Hard to explain isn’t it?
    I give God thanks that you are happy and loved–as I always wanted you to be.

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