Hey all, I just wanted to let everyone know that even though I am not supposed to I have been posting and checking all your sites from my computer at work….well at my new job this just won’t be possible. We’re hoping to get some other financial obligations taken care of and then maybe we can afford to purchase a home computer. In the meantime I’ll be checking in when I can. I know I haven’t been around regularly in a while and I wanted to say I appreciate how everyone still stops by and says hello. I’ll be back soon, I’m not shutting down my site or anything. So have a great summer and I’ll stop by when I can!

Kaia will be two next week! My sister is on her way to my house as we speak, my mom will fly out Tuesday and my brother (also from TX) is in the state now too and expected at our home for dinner Wednesday night (Dad, you and the girls and Bill are welcome too!)….So we’ve got a very exciting week ahead of us. Peace be with you all, see you soon!


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  1. its so hard to get on here these days.  things are so hectic for everyone it seems.i hope kaia has a fantastic bday!

  2. Happy b-day to your little one!
    I don’t get to visit or comment nearly as often as I’d like, and I don’t even make entries regularly anymore.  But I still like to “xanga” when I can.  Maybe things will pick up for me over the summer. . .Take care!

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