Happy Mothers’ Day!

I GOT THE JOB!!!! YIPPEEE and YAHOO!! I’m off now until Sunday so wanted to send some special mom’s day love out to you all. Happy Mother’s Day! What is your favorite “being a mom” memory? Please stop by and share it with me, mine is below.


For the longest time after Kaia was born she would cry, but not really any tears. This was disturbing but her doctor was unconcerned. Shortly after I started staying with Mina and Margo during the fall of 2004 I had put all three girls down for their naps. It was one of those glorious September days, windy (like it always seems to be at my dad’s house) but still warm and with those pleasing shadows that show up most when summer is taking that long dive toward fall and the light really isn’t sure where to shine.

I heard the baby cry and went in to her. She was, lo and behold!, crying real tears! As I stood there a big fat one escaped from the corner of her left eye and started its long roll down the side of her face. I went to her, leaned over her little self and put my mouth on that tear, took the salty water into my mouth. You may read this and think I’m crazy or being over dramatic, whatever, I don’t care. That child is mine and she knows it and taking her first tear into my mouth was the sweetest communion.

So share your stories, leave those dishes and read a trashy novel and watch Desperate Housewives. Take a bath even if you have to do it with your two year old in the house (just leave the door open, trust me, it’ll save a lot of headache in the long run) leaning over you and pointing out your parts, being helpful with the wash cloth and sharing toys. And as you sit there and grit your teeth thinking,”I know where my belly butt is, I’ve been washing my belly butt since before you were a twinkle in your father’s eye!” just think instead how lucky you are to have a child that know where her (or his) belly button is (and yours too!), a child with a sweet and kind sharing heart, a child that wants to wash you as tenderly as you wash her.

Ugh, who ever said it was easy being a mom was probably a man, and the mom who admitted it was hard said it with a choked up voice and teary eyes but she knew it was worth it.



4 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day!

  1. “Ugh, who ever said it was easy being a mom was probably a man, and the mom who admitted it was hard said it with a choked up voice and teary eyes but she knew it was worth it.”I love that. So true.Congrats on the job and Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I have two favorite memories. Holding a nursing baby to my breast, sitting in the rocking chair are memories so precious that I even dream about it. Touching that soft little face and knowing that their life’s food comes from me was tender and powerful and bonding. The words of a current song come to mind: “let my love give your roots and help you find your wings.” 
    My second most “being a mom” memory is seeing each of my children born again as they were baptized into Christ. My heart was full of love and pride and hope for their future.

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