Obviously haven’t been in a xanga mood lately…sorry. Job search continues, two or three very promising prospects, maybe I’ll have them fighting over me in the end! They each have pros and cons and all pay about the same so we’ll see who jumps first.


Am very irritated tonight, four old codgers in the lobby are playing cards and there I was, standing approx. two feet from the TV trying to watch the amazing race and one guy gets up, reaches past me, flips through all the channels and settles on Deal, No Deal. GRRRR! How rude, I mean, I was right there and glued to the screen. I’ll give him a deal, he can go back to the room he paid so dearly for and watch TV! And I know I won’t be able to watch LOST (again!) because since Monday night these people have played cards in the lobby from 7pm on, they’ve still been at it when I walk out the door at 11pm.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing WONDERFUL! And I’ll get round and say hello.



Me and Kai at the Great Wolf Lodge when Erin and Company were up in March.


Isn’t she lovely? Notice the footie on the table….sneaky!


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