SO the second interview went well I think. I have to tell the evil fat lady who lives in my head to shut the heck up when she starts her nagging, other than her bringing me down my gut says a positive maybe…..which is really nothing more than maybe but better than no. They said I’ll know by Monday and I’m so scared. What if the phone rings and I’m too chicken to answer it? That has happened to me before (like every day when a number I don’t know comes up on caller ID…I figure if someone died they’ll certainly leave a message…right?)….

My sister, , was posting about things you learned from your mom you didn’t really know you learned until you are more clear headed and old. Well I would like to add that a) I would like to know who is deceiving her and b) the thought of wasting anything makes me want to throw up and I just can not do it. I get so mad if that tablespoon of sour cream gets moldy and has to be tossed even though it wasn’t even enough for a baked potatoe….if the shampoo bottle has one squirt left I have to mix that darn squirt with the stuff from the new bottle….I hard boiled some eggs wrong (don’t ask me how, I don’t know!!) and had to put them down the disposal and I about cried! Why am I like this?! I point the finger at you, mother, you! But its okay….I don’t blame you for my oddities, my quirks….I just know where they came from .

Casey just called and now his mom doesn’t think she can help us put the flowers together. That would be okay except is there a crash course on making corsages and boutonniers?! I don’t understand why. She said something to Casey about “the distance” and I don’t know if she means from her house to ours or if she’s miffed still that the wedding might be at a church that is GASP! 40 minutes from the reception site. What the heck man?! Why do people have to be difficult with me….its just odd.

Anyway, thats all the talk you’re getting out of me tonight! My mystery guild bookclub books I thought would come today and I got an email a while ago telling me they have just been shipped and suddenly the shipping time has gone from 5-7 days to 8-12 days!!! Good thing I kept all those almost empty shampoo bottles, I’ll be needing something to read!


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  1. i really hope you get the job!  you deserve it.  i have been on a reading kick lately.  never cared for it before because it was so hard for me to keep up but now i think its the only time i can relax my mind.  maybe i have been lucky to find a couple books to keep me interested. we arent going ot the wedding because flights are jsut way to expensive for all four of us to go. 

  2. How do you mess up hard boiled eggs?!  Even your dad can do that!  LOL    (just kidding)  Keep the faith Alicia.  I hope you get the job you want.  It’s been a frustrating week here too.  Everyone is just looking and not buying.  If I could charge for all the brochures that I give out, I’d be doing great! đŸ™‚

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