Second Impressions, Interviews and Chances

So my second interview for the job I really want is next Thursday…I’m nervous but excited too and hoping it doesn’t take as long to hire me in as it does to interview me. So cross your fingers, clap your hands, you know, make it happen!


Kaia pee-peed in the potty two times!! Then she sat there in nothing but her red socks insisting she had to go “poopy”…she didn’t. She looked at a Dora book, she read Go Dogs! Go!, she read One Fish, Two fish…she made a fist and counted her fingers (un, ti-oo, tree, fort, FITE!!! TEN!!).

I just saw a commerical today that was advocating Austism awareness and then I read an article about it in Good Housekeeping..oops, back in a sec, LOST is on….okay. Mer! Is very very irritating that people call during LOST…don’t they have any TV taste?! I think it should be common courtesey that one only calls anyone during the commercials.

Anyway, the very sad commerical, they said 1 in one hundred thousand (I think) children will be killed or injured in a car accident, but 1 in 166 will be afflicted with autism. Then there is this little family here, they have two kids, a three year old and a 9week old. The three year old has to use a walker to get round because there is something wrong with his legs. Ugh. Every night I say, “thank you for my family, thank for the joy and fulfillment they bring to my life, for the meaning. please keep the three of us safe and happy and healthy and together for hundreds and hundreds of years”….sniff sniff, and I think even hundreds of years wouldn’t be enough time. I told Casey I’m not afraid of dying, I just don’t want to, I couldn’t bear to leave. I hope thats not wrong, there is just so much in this world that is beautiful and so much I want to see; I’m kinda attatched to the old girl.

Well I’ve missed most of LOST and this post is more than an hour in the making because people will not adhere to simple rules of ettiquette (repeat after me, “I will not call anyone in the middle of LOST, Desperate Housewives or the Amazing Race”.) I hope you all have a wonderful night!



I forgot about the second chances!! My Grandpa has been steadily losing his hearing for some time now. He mentioned to Casey when he and Grandma were up on an extremely appreciated errand a few weeks ago (wink wink, grandma! I know you’re reading this, I love you!) that he was maybe a candidate for a cochlear implant. The risk was that he would completely and forever lose the hearing in his ear if the implant failed. Well after multiple tests they have decided he is a great candidate and in May (I think) he will have the implant, well, implanted. I guess his hearing in his “good” ear was only 5% and the implant will drastically change his life. Sheesh! I get all choked up thinking about him hearing my daughter’s voice, not trying to read her lips, but hearing her. I hope he comes to my wedding in October and can enjoy himself at a loud public gathering for the first time in I don’t know how long because he can hear more than background static, he will hear voices and music and the laughterof the family he helped create. I am inexpressibly grateful that he was chosen for the implant. Clap your hands for him too! I’ve been round to say hello and am punching out in ten minutes…won’t be back until Saturday. DAD! HEY! OVER HERE! What time are we supposed to come over on Sunday? I don’t get out of work until 3… me and let me know!



2 thoughts on “Second Impressions, Interviews and Chances

  1. haha!  that is so funny.  No one is allowed in the room when I am watching LOST.  very simple rule here in our household.yay for pee pee in the potty!

  2. Hurray for pee pee! Did you get her some m&m’s or dora treats that are reserved only for dry panties and pee pee?
    Hurray for Grandpa too! Many prayers will be flying to heaven on his behalf for his hearing to be restored. Many, many prayers!

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