The Power of a Thank You Note

Did I mention in my last post that I had two interviews last week? I’m too lazy to go back and check so if I didn’t mention it, I had two interviews last week and if I did then I never said  I wasn’t repetitive. One went really really great, I’d never been cornered by three women wanting to know all about me before so it was disconcerting to say the least….the other was okay too, just kinda false advertising. The ad said they were looking for an assistant and what it turned out to be was running all over the state drumming up business…no thank you. Anyway, I sent a thank you note, I took a risk and came off with a very cheeky (in a good way) chummy tone. When I initially met with these ladies last Tuesday they told me to allow two weeks before I expected to hear from them because they had so many interviews set up…..well I sent that thank you note and they called me back Friday!!! Just THREE DAYS later to have me come back and meet the doctors who run the place!! YIPPEEEE!

I think my boss is getting irritated because I’m not technically working so I better go bust a hump….errr, I don’t think that came out like I planned. Anyway, thats my update, I’ve been round to say hello. Bye!


6 thoughts on “The Power of a Thank You Note

  1. Hey Alicia, good luck w/ the job interviwes…I’ve been jobless since that insensitive dick of a man fired me in November and I’ve had a total of 2 interviews up until now….and two more comming up next week. I hope this is the end to the unemployment…Im going totally stir crazy. BUT< being unemployed has allowed me to finally get up off my arse & get registered at NCMC and finish my Associates Degree, for starters. I’m less than 5 credit hours away from it. Whee! Take care. Come say hi at my site from time to time! I miss our misadventures at the Days Inn 😛

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