EWF seeking FT/RP/GM/FVA

translation: engaged white female seeks full time, rewarding position, great money, family values appreciated…..


The great search continues. I had an interview with a local car dealership last week and was kind of disappointed to learn the pay scale in ratio to what the job actually entails….the child I interviewed with says to me” if a salesman screws up a deal and it lands on my desk I’m gonna call you wanting to know why, you have to have your nose in everything and really motivate those guys to sell SELL SELL!!”…wowee..and how exactly would I know why the deal is scewy? I say forget the middleman, call the salesman!

I had a phone call from a local charitable organization just letting me know they’d received my resume and would call me if they were interested…..that is the one I really want.

Today I had another call from an optical place and they need a “front desk” type person…wonder what that kind of job pays?

So I don’t know what I changed or did right but suddenly I am in demand!! Which is exceptional because I gotta get outa this place! Anyway…I’m off on a four day weekend (yippee!) so I won’t be around until next wednesday….I wish I would be tomorrow so I could think of a really funny trick to play on you all. Oh yeah, the newslady (you all know how I love Lori Helmet-head) had a filler lady today and the filler lady kept saying “fall back” in regards to the time change….finally she says “a big thanks to the viewer who called in correcting me! we’re springing ahead on sunday, not falling back…har har har”….okay…..I could do her job. Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “EWF seeking FT/RP/GM/FVA

  1. Alicia, I am so glad to hear that you have more options available to you; I pray God’s timing and discernment in the choices you are facing…

  2. Something better will come along for you.  Have you applied at the Great Wolf?  Just a thought.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for ya!

  3. fall back???? wow, I know you could do better than that!!  Here is Alicia on the morning news, ” Spring ahead!!! and someone  make some more coffee!!!! and now for sports, hhmmm,  well who really cares about that, what do you think of those Desparate Housewives? We’ll find out after this commercial break.”

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