Cutting Teeth

I am sad to report that I am inded teething. My wisdom teeth are showing up (too late!) and my jaw on the right side is so sore. They seem to only coming in on the bottom and straight (so far)….not too much crowding of my other teeth but  it hurts to move my mouth because it rubs against my swollen jaw. Please spare me the scary wisdom teeth stories, can’t we cross that bridge when (if) we come to it?

I have a job interview tomorrow and am crossing my fingers, hoping its not another waste of time.

Kaia is doing much better…no puking since Friday, just awful bossy and sassy. She’s so big, I asked her today if I could have a hug and she very seriously thought about before she shook her head no and then shrieked at me “NO! Mama! NO!….PIGGIE SHOW!”…..thats what she calls Charlotte’s Web.

Anyway, I get off work in a hour and home to bed I shall go. Hope you all are having a great week. I got a sample of the wedding invite I’d like to order today and I like it a lot…mom, if you’re reading this, I forgot to pay my phone bill so I don’t know if it’ll be on by tomorrow or not…I just paid it today. I’ll get round to say hi…bye.


PS: if you wanna read a funny girl (which I am not) head on over to fairy_kisses112’s site…


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