Tales from the other side…

I feel I have officially been initiated, baptized, etc into the strange and wonderful land of motherhood…baptized in puked up berry splash juice, yep, I’ve been puked on and not just once, but twice. Ack! It was so nasty but, surprisingly, I did not drop dead with revulsion or recoil in horror (been reading to much lately, har har)….ok so I did recoil in horror but in sympathy too. Kaia is better today but still peaky and very sleepy. I’m hoping she’s better tomorrow and if not I guess its off to the doc. Thank you so much to the gingerale makers at Meijer, I love you.

Not much else is new….The wedding date is october 14, you can go to www.pigeonlakelodge.com to see where the reception will be….still waiting on the final tally of what our parents are willing to contribute before anything else is finalized. Boy all you hear about is how stressful the whole planning process is and I disagree. Its been stressful to me because its not stressful to plan, its fun, and maybe I’m weird but I’m feeling sad that the major choices have now been made and I just have to sit back and wait for something to happen…in the words of moi, MER.

I’m at work tonight, oh yeah, still at the good old DITC….MER on that too, but a job is a job and money is money, right? Of course right! The Amazing Race is on tonight and I wish I could be home on the couch watching it with Casey and giggling when we hear Kaia singing to herself when the TV is muted for commercials (subliminal advertising anyone?)….but no, I’m here.

I know I haven’t been around, I haven’t had much to say and have been in a nutty mood anyway. I’ll try to get round and say hi tonight. Ta ta (like goodbye, not the other kind)!


PS: I know my site is really ugly….I didn’t update also because I got some bad html and lost the ability to until I figured out how to fix it…I’ll work on it later.


4 thoughts on “Tales from the other side…

  1. I like this better than the black/white/gray/blurry deal you had.
    Aaaah, the joys of motherhood. Who else would we allow to puke on us and still pet their little head and feel bad for them but our own child? lol! Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone. Only a child can get away with a huge number of faux paus. lol!

  2. ah yes.  the joys of your children vomitting.  ugh!  i cant wait for the days whne my little one can make it to the toilet.i may be in the minority here but i liked the site when it was gray, white and black.  lol!yay for parents helping out on the wedding.  you better post some pics.kelly

  3. October 14th,  that sounds like a good date. 
    I guess you couldn’t do July 17, huh?
    I am very excited for you.  I am glad you are enjoying the preparation and planning.  (I’m excited for your mommy too.  Her eldest baby is getting married  . . . . sniff**sniff)

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