I know its an awfully big picture but here is the ring on my fat little finger! By the way, my hand is not really this fat, it must have been a bad angle or something. No date set for sure yet, still tossing things around. But its official! I’m engaged!


11 thoughts on “Engaged!

  1. What a beautiful ring!  Congratulations and best wishes!
    RYC:  Yes, I remember just gasping when I realized the little girl in Crash wasn’t hurt.  That was one of the most touching moments.  As for Brokeback Mountain, I was never really shocked or offended by the concept. . .I guess I always thought any time people are stuck in primarily same sex circumstances, there will be same sex. . .sex!  I don’t mean to sound as though humans are slaves to their needs, but gay relationships exist in places like the military and just about everywhere else. . .why not cowboys?

  2. Holy Smokes!  Look at the size of that hand!  LOL (just kidding)  Congrats again to you and Casey!  I am very happy for you!  Love ya’s!  Uncle (wildman) Bill

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