The Weary Traveler Returns…

Hello! Sorry I’ve been such a slouch lately. You all know how it goes, somedays it seems like you never stop talking and discussing and arguing and quoting and before you know it your words are all used up. Its been busy lately for me.

On the good news front, Casey got his tax return and we were able to get caught up on some bills and also were able to order my ring…so as soon as he decides to hand it over I’ll let you all know I am officially off the market (tee hee). Here is a pic of the one we picked….

  Pretty eh?


Also on the good news side we are both still gainfully employed…if chafing at  the bit some (okay, A LOT!)…Kaia knows many many words and if you ask her what Frosty says she will quite gleefully shout “Tappy Bit-day!”…..Hope you all are doing well. I’m hoping to have the chance to get round and say hello….


5 thoughts on “The Weary Traveler Returns…

  1. hey yo what up.  random propz.  *rolls eyes*  i just cant pull that kind of talk off.   i think i am getting old.
    a ring?  did i miss something?  lol!  i know its unofficial but you have to let me know when it does happen because thats exciting stuff.
    jack is up.  have to run!

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