Ack. So the steelers won and was anyone really surprised? Well I wasn’t.

Work is boring. Well its just busy enough to be irritating, like you get engrossed in something else and then you’re like “oh yeah, I’m at work and this idiot who has a reservation next MAY wants to call the city cab company and make sure they can pick her up”….what is wrong with people?! What does she think they’ll say? Can you imagine the conversation? Sink with me into her world for a moment…

Her hands are dry and knotty with arthritis, her little condo is spotless because the girl she pays to clean once a week came yesterday. She wants to come to Michigan to visit her grandkids (I’m making this up) in May and decides to make her reservations today. So she calls the hotel and wants to know about the airport shuttle. It sounds kinda sketchy to her (but she wouldn’t say sketchy, she’d say fishy) so she asks for the phone number of the cab service that doubles (supposedly) as the hotel’s airport shuttle service. She calls and gets an out of breath and overwhelmed dispatcher. She asks “Can you pick me up?” he says “sure where are ya?” She says, “I’m in Georgia”….insert pause on the dispatcher’s part here and he says”…uh…we don’t go quite that far” She says, “no no no, I mean can you pick me up at the airport?” he says, relieved, “oh yeah, we’ll be right there!” he almost hangs up and stops when he hears her on the other end “wait wait! I’m not there now.” He says, ” are you coming in today?” she says, “nooo” he drums his hands on the scarred counter top, so frustrated as he watches the blinking lines indicating people on hold, waiting for him. He starts over. “You need a ride.” She says “Yes”. He says, “and right now you’re in Georgia but you’re coming to Michigan.” She replies in the affirmative again and starts to go on….he interuppts, “hold on, just answer my questions and we’ll get this figured out. when are you coming to Michigan?” She says, “May”. The dispatcher smacks his palm to his forehead, he clenches his teeth, the lightbulb blinks on “And all you need to know if is we can pick you up in May from the airport and take you to your hotel?” Relieved, she unclenches her fist from the doily on her telephone table and smoothes it with her palm, “yes” she answers, feeling like a foolish old woman now. “Okay”, he say, “we can, barring fire, flood or any great disaster pick you up from the airport in May. We have a courtesy phone by the baggage claim, just pick it up and it will call us, you don’t have dial anything. Tell us you need a ride and we’ll come”. Feeling really foolish now, wondering what in the world is the matter with her (and also, to her shame, quite content to know how it all works now), she says, “Well thank you, I’m calling long distance so I must go.” And she’s hangs up her phone. The dispatcher hangs up his too.

Thats all I have to say for today. Have a great week everyone! I’ll maybe be round to say hi later. Isn’t this one of the coolest book covers you have ever seen? Too bad the book is yuck.



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  1. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, even in your boredom. I do this type of thing too;make up stories about people.  It is fun, isn’t it? 
    If they only knew . . . . . . .    

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