Just a few pics left over from the holidays, I finally had them all put on a disc today so I could make an album…My Grandma and Grandpa came up to see me today, I felt bad because they didn’t stay very long as I had to go to work, but it was so nice to see them and for them to see and experience Kaia. Now just like I picture my Grandma standing over the kitchen sink looking out on the backyard with only the glow from the little light above the sink on her face, well she can picture me like that too, because I have that same window and that same glow. We’re real big on “placing” people, being able to picture them in their homes, helps us all to not feel so scattered I guess.

I haven’t made any choices yet about the big FUTURE but am attempting to keep my options open and hoping that the much anticipated “sign” will be bill-baord size and neon and have a huge blinking arrow and the words, ALICIA! LOOK! GO THAT WAY!….If only things could be so easy, eh?

I’ll get round to say hello later…hope you all are hanging in there..here’s me and Big Daddy on New Years. PS: Watership Down I think is now one of my favorite books ever.


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  1. ok that pic needs to be sent into the regis and kelly beautiful baby contest!  she is gorgeous!  haha!  i am a total stay at home mom watching that crap.

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