Hope everyone had a nice weekend, I had Sunday off which would have been so  nice if I hadn’t walked around all day thinking I had somewhere to be, but I guess I’m just neurotic that way…

I’m here at work, not interested in my book, kinda want to go home and snuggle up under my soft green blankie and watch the Batchelor…..I will be around to say hello.


Ok, been round to say hello. I’ve been waiting on that stupid W-2 forever, now I have it and can’t really do anything with it. I also need a piece of paper from Val outlining my income from her from when I watched the girls and I need to find the one she gave me last year. Is there really that big of a credit just for having a child? I heard today that its like $3500!! So I’m thinking now that I probably owe in for last year which for some strange reason never occured to me. So here is what I am hoping, that I can break even with what I may have owed and just call it good and get all my crap together so I can accurately fill out my fafsa, or, plan 2, that I get a return and those IDIOT INGRATE GRRR! people from that lawfirm that is taking all my money will take the return and leave me alone or plan 3, I can find another job and hope it takes them forever to find me again if plan 1 is the plan that comes to be….did that make sense. Oh well. I need a washer and dryer! Having clean clothes is SO nice….Okay, time to take my last little break before Betty leaves……


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  1. I can empathize about the washer and dryer; our dryer broke last week, and though we are lucky the wasker still works, I know that I am going to be a lot more reticent to do laundry (not so good for everyone around me, I suppose… )

  2. there’s no task as hard as a mother’s, but i can sympthasize with your situation!  i know what its like to think to have normal things like clean clothes and food is so luxurious!!
    my ‘brand’, by the way is something i have been obsessed with drawing forever.  actually holmes got me a glass one for christmas.  its a heart with wings.  anything and everything i see with that symbol, i try to get!   thanks for asking!  maybe i’ll post a picture!

  3. Well, I know the Federal credit for a kid is $1,000 per child, but then you can add on an additional child tax credit, daycare credit, and earned income credit, all based on what you earned and how many kids you have. Last year, my hubby adn I almost recieved $5,000 from Federal. Pretty sweet.

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