Well, this is the new look for my site, hope you all can see okay. I actually have learned a lot about html from the guy I work with who is moving to Iowa with his lovely girlfriend, Kaylei tomorrow (!) after they finish their last night at their respective jobs. So thanks to Adam for the help.

Not much to report, its unseasonably warm today, the thingy in my car read 45 degrees on my way to work and all but the largest piles of snow have melted leaving kind of an ugly look to things. Makes me wish for spring too, which is a useless thought as we probably have at least three more months of winter left to us. We actually don’t get as much snow (I don’t think) as Grand Haven gets but I think this is because we’re on a bay, Lake Michigan is almost a 40 minute trip from here, whereas, in Grand Haven, if you give yourself about fifteen minutes you can drive actually into the lake…..lake effect snow and all that….yeah. Anyway, the whole point of that strange soliloquy is that I thought we’d have harder winters here and we don’t, colder maybe, but less snow.

I took the Christmas lights off our deck today, the tree came down a few weeks ago. As I was standing on the deck yanking the lights off the railing I was wondering what kind of flora and fauna we’ll have in the yard. I remember talking to the woman who is the agent for our landlord (who lives in Hawaii) and she said over the summer the yard was just beautiful…but when we moved in in September there wasn’t much going on out there. Casey is looking forward to seeding some grass in the yard (no not that kind) as what’s there is pretty sparse…also I’d like to see what comes up in the multitudes of flower beds and add some of my own flair…I have always likes peonies and they do well in pots so…we’ll also get to find some (hopefully) garage sale deck furniture as we have three decks and umm…a grill and two folding lawn chairs. Let me say also that even though we rent our house we are the first renters ever. To my knowledge the woman who owned the house was the original owner and she moved to Canada, eh, leaving our lady to buy the house and us to rent it. So its not so blah and tacky as some rentals you can find.

Well I’m off to say hello to everyone….in the meantime thinking wistfully of those empty birdhouses on shelves in the garage, and all the surprising and wonderful things the spring might bring me.


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  1. I miss Spring too. I love to plant things, but I rent right now so I don’t plant much flowers right now. One day I will get back into it again along with a full-fledged garden. : )

  2. With this weather you can’t help but think about Spring. I’m wondering to see if we have baby bunnies this spring like we had a couple of years ago. We have watched them in our back yard this winter, and enjoy feeding them.

  3. your site is so pretty and very easy on the eyes.  hmmm…  its 72 here but i guess that is unusually warm for this time of year.  no complaints from me.

  4. I imagine that you guys have beautiful springtimes up there (once they get going, anyway.) In Abilene, we have three seasons: hot, hotter, and cold…

  5. LOL! I agree with Laura’s comment. Hot, hotter and cold for Austin too!
    Springtime…mmmm….I love the flowers of spring! Hyacinths. Forsythia. Lilacs. Daffodils. Tulips. Crocus. Lilies of the Valley. Mmm. My favorites!
    I like the new look of your site too. I wish I knew how to do something cool!

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