Hello everyone! I feel so productive today, I’ve already been round to say hello….


Work is boring today. We have seven room in house and only ten arriving….so out of 180 rooms to only have seventeen occupied…well you get the idea; its pretty quiet. We have a lady who is being referred to as “our sensitive guest”…she’s been here for more than a week and has been kind of an oddball the whole time. Housekeeping finally had to break the cardinal rule of knocking on a door with a do not disturb because apparently (I did not know this) we have to get in the room every seven days…yep seven days with no maid service. Last night we had a kid’s sports team in and they were driving her crazy and she complained and so someone from the team slipped a note under her door threatening to let the air out of her car tires if she didn’t quit complaining. Sheesh! Of course then the whole situation got worse. What is the matter with people?!

I’m reading this horrible book, I don’t know how this lady ever was published, its one of those where you think, “I’ve never written a novel but if I did it would be a lot better than this crap”. My sister read it first and she warned me! My mom agentlespirit  and brother jaredcramer.com are on a cruise now and I just wish they would come back. I’m used to talking with her in the morning and its lonely! My sister is supposed to be sending me a package with, among other things she wouldn’t tell me about, the book “Memoirs of a Geisha”….hopefully that’s good.

Still can’t find a suitable job….its not that I hate this place or anyone I work with (although I do have an arch nemesis or two) but I just really want to be working during the day so I can be home with Casey and Kaia at night and on the weekends. This job as turned out to be an every weekend on gig, I’d like to have holidays too; it was so hard to leave my family on Christmas Day and come here to be bored for eight hours. Its amazing to me that most of the civilized world works during the day yet I can’t find a day position for the life of me. So keep your fingers crossed, keep clapping if you believe in fairies and hopefully one of the more than (I kid you not) 60 resumes I’ve sent out over the last three months will come through, that or my landlady will let me have two kids and be licensed for daycare so I can achieve the true dream and be home but still be able to contribute financially.

Speaking of finances, GRRR! I hate that hoping every week that this or that check doesn’t clear until a certain day, etc. Its really tough this week because we don’t have the money to go do laundry. I washed some stuff in the laundry sink and hung it to dry with a fan blowing on it just so my work pants could be clean….either I wait and do it all at the laundromat next weekend or we have enough money to put the $90 on a washer and dryer through one of those rent to own places up here. Same day delivery and set up, yippee!

I hope you all had a great weekend, talk to you later.


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  1. I hear you on the money situation. It is like either way you lose, you know? If you find a good job, then you sacrifice family time, but if you stay home, you are broke. That happy medium seems to be a pipe dream for so many deserving people. It is sad that it is nearly impossible for just one parent to work and be able to support their family. It takes two parents and even then, you won’t be a Rockefeller. The book Memoirs of a Geisha is good, better then the movie that is out and the movie is decent as well. ; )

  2. Hi Alicia,I love your new site look! What an interesting bunch of guests at your job; my mom would say “it takes all kinds..” I know what you mean about missing your mom; when I was in Oregon last month, my mom and I used to talk every day after she got home from work in the morning. Though she is coming to visit me in march, I miss having the access to her wise and fascinating mind..I will keep your job situation in my prayers; that must be frustrating, especially for a smart and talented cookie like yourself!

  3. i wanna go on a cruise.  i just hate going out ot do laundry.  it is the worst.  i need to take my comforter and it is going to cost me $20!  rip off!

  4. If you’ve sent out over 60 resumes, think about how I feel, having been fired from that damned place for missing three days for shit that was way beyond my control? I’m STILL unemployed. It DOES suck. But I truly do miss working with you, my dear 🙂 Hope your Xmas & New Years went wonderfully. Mine was decent, if somewhat humble. Take care!

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