Hello everyone!

Well Christmas was a wonderful affair this year. Staring Friday we spent four days partying hard and laughing it up. My mom and I were trying to figure out the last time my brother and sister and I spent that much time with our dad over the Christmas holiday, we determined, in the end, that it was probably before my mom and dad divorced way back in 1987. So a LONG TIME!

Amy (little sis) arrived at my house Friday night after I spent a hellish two and a half hours shopping at Meijer (I read two chapters of my book waiting to checkout!). My dad and Val and the girls all came over with my brother Jared who flew in from Abilene the previous Wednesday. We ate and hung out and laughed and talked and I think I’ll have to agree with Casey when he said no one stopped talking for even one second the whole time they were over.

Saturday we hung about and finally went over for a delicious dinner that night. Kaia was having a nervous breakdown so instead of going to the Christmas Eve services we took her home and she went promptly to bed. Sunday morning I thought  I would have to drag Casey out of bed but he ended up getting me up. Kai was so funny, very dainty about tearing the paper off the gifts santa left her, and she wanted to play with everything she opened right then so it was a bit of a problem to get her to put down her Dora doll and open something else. We went over to my dad’s for brunch and more gifts and had a very generous Christmas morning, thank you Mr. and Mrs. Clause for being very good to everyone this year! We had brunch and then I had to go to work (mer!)

We also got together Monday and Tuesday. Amy left Tueday morning to go home and Jared flew out Wednesday after being cancelled in Traverse City, bussed to Grand Rapids and wined and dined by Amy in her home territory.

Now Christmas is over, the only things left are the Christmas trees which will come down very soon, the memories, and an image of a little blonde haired lady singing very softly and rocking a big white snowman in a top hat….”frofee sa no-man…”.


See you all Next Year!




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  1. I’m happy, too, that your holiday was able to be fun and not filled with running hither and yon and being exhausted when it was all over! I wanna kiss that little blonde-haired lady!!!!!

  2. I really enjoyed spending Christmas with you, Casey, kaia-bird, and the rest of the clan!  Kaia is such a cutie!  It was fun watching the kids open their gifts.  I hope your new year is a very good one.  Love ya’s.  
    Uncle Bill
    AKA, wildman (though I still don’t know how I got that one)  

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