Perhaps you all remember when you were sent home from the hospital with your helpless, quailing infants…I do. I also remember they sent me home with an outsize blue plastic bowl for bathing her with a washcloth. The bowl has become much a part of our lives, for awhile there we really did use it when she was small and wiggly and only needed to be sponged…how dirty can a two month old get?! So the bowl was relegated to the back of the closet in her room amid a garbage bag of too small clothes and another pile of summer clothes, a litter of bottle liners and a boppy. She dug it out shortly after we moved into our house and now uses it in the tub (sometimes to drink the water from….we’re trying to disabuse her of the notion that tub water is yummy)…lately its become a hat. She’ll put it smartly on her head and say “HAT! MINE! HAT!” The other day I was on the phone with my mom (as I usually am at 930am) and Kaia was in the tub. She placed the hat on her head, uttered her little phrases about mine and hat and then stood up. While I was listening to my mom and taking in the beauty and perfect symmetry of her small body (before making her sit down…spelled, and pardon me but this is a phonetic spelling “shit own!” the “own” sounding like “town” without the T)….she suddenly placed her hands on her round belly and looked down in a fascinated way…and she peed!! I was so awestruck (I don’t know why, she’s done far worse in the tub) I just stood there laughing….so that is my interesting story for the day.

She also can count to three…there are an awful lot of threes….she can tell you what most animals say and her bunny impression is priceless. Amy (“maimee”) is coming to our house the 23rd for the night and Jared flies in on the 21st and I am so looking forward to Amy and Jared and Mina and Margo and just all of us getting together, its always an adventure.

So today, even though I write from the necessary place called work, I am thankful for my family, and thinking wistfully of other holidays, excited to spend time with them, precious hours in the glow of the Christmas lights.

Have a great weekend!


**********************One Thousand White Women, By Jim Fergus***********

Told in the voice of the irrepressible May Dodd about the time spent as an Indian wife with the Cheyennes…and other bits and pieces of her life too….this was an entrancing story, but also a shameful one. I won’t give away the ending, and there isn’t a trail of tears in this book, what there is seems far worse, and, if you’ve any sense of humility, will leave you feeling sad.

Built on the prospect of what might have happened had history taken a different course….Little Wolf, the Sweet Medicine Chief for his band of Cheyennes goes to President Grant with the best of intentions. The Cheyenne way of life is that the children belong to their mother’s tribe. So if a Cheyenne married a Sioux, the children would belong to the Sioux but could come and go and thus learn two ways of life. Little Wolf thinks that if he could have 1,000 white brides for his braves the indian way of life could live on, he knows his culture is about to be wiped out. So I guess he really did ask Grant for 1,000 white women, in trade for 500 wild horses and 500 broken ones. Of course as history tells it, Grant all but laughed in Little Wolf’s face at the prospect of trading so many “white daughters to the savages”….so Jim Ferguson took that story and went, well what if? And the book is the what if, and very enjoyable….except for the end, get your kleenex out!


PS: I copied Medea00 and signed on for a wacky little map…stop by and add yourself….


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  1. When I am in the bookstore I often pass by this particular book; now I will have to read it. That is a hilarious story about Kaia; now you have yet another charming anecdote to share with her dates or say, on her wedding day…I will be thinking of all you guys on Christmas, and am trying to not be too jealous about all of your snow..

  2. I can just picture that little bubba with the bowl on her head and a curious expression on her face as she….peed. Write precious (that includes funny!) moments on your heart to savor when she is grown up and gone. It’s the best advice my mother ever gave me.

  3. I can just see Kaia doing that with her big grin… I can’t wait for my family to be home for the Holidays too! We always have a great time together. I am blessed to have a family and children like you Alicia.

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