Well here are the promised trip pictures from when we went to Texas. Unfortunately I have issues and only took pictures once so no really really good ones, sorry!

This is that place called Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve outside a town called Bee Caves. I guess there was a 45 foot waterfall but because its been so dry there are just the trickles shown in the this picture left.


This is that funny honey of mine while we were hiking down to the pool….

And here we both are at the pool….


Here is sweet Kaia in the dress her Grannny bought her for Christmas, because she has so many pressing social engagements you know….

And a parting shot for you, the girl who doesn’t want to wear pants but will only wear her Dora boots one at a time (and on the wrong footie!)


Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “

  1. I like those pictures! Seeing those pictures makes me think of a poem that Grandma Dorothy wrote a long time ago…
    “where did you come from, baby dear? from out of no where into here? with two bright eyes and an angel face. in our hearts you have found your place…..

  2. Hey lady!  I have missed you!  I love the pics!  I am jealous your funny honey has a beard and mine doesnt!  I looooooooove beards!  Kaia is jsut gorgeous!  Thatnks for sharing the pics.  You are all adorable!Kelly

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