Well, my faith in humanity has been restored. We (my sister, Amy, Casey and Kaia and I) just got back from visiting my mom and her hubbie over Thanksgiving. Our trip to Texas was not bad at all, we dosed the baby with Dramamine and she slept, well, like a baby.We had so much fun while we were there…..Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner and then Mom, Larry, Jared, Laura, Amy and I went to see Harry Potter. This was by far the best movie yet, the other two I haven’t even seen all the way through because I fell asleep (a phenomenon which is fairly recent for me….it started about 18 months ago…). So this one held me attention and was very well done, the effects were astounding! The only thing that slightly perturbed me was the number of young children…having read the book myself it is not a movie I would take a young child to see because it deals with a lot of very heavy themes and as a result there is some violence and some scary sequences. But I hate to think of other people judging how I do stuff for and with Kaia so whatever, if the kids were ready to see it then its not my problem.

Friday we bummed around and went to the dueling piano bar later in the evening. This was great, not exactly dueling, but two guys and two pianos and a bar full of people making requests makes for a pretty great time! My legs were completely squashed by the time we got there as my little sister was sprawled godiva-like across our laps in the back seat….

Saturday I went to Target with Mom and Amy and we shopped ’til we dropped. In the afternoon Casey and I drove out to a little town called Bee Caves (population 656) and to the Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve. It was so cool! A huge pool in the middle of the woods with a cliff rising up around half of it. There should have been a 45 foot waterfall but because its been so dry in Texas there were just trickles here and there. The water was SO clear and icy cold….very cool thing to see. And Casey was happy because it involved hiking….


Sunday Mom, Larry, Amy, Kaia and I went to Krispy Kreme where they give out free doughnuts (!!!) and had a piping hot glazed doughnut…We also went to Rudy’s Texas barbeque and a place called the Hole in the Wall that had awesome burgers. So it was a wonderful trip. Now to the part about my faith in humanity and its restoration.

When we arrived in Texas Kaia’s mysterious on again/off again cough was on…as was her snot machine. So we chased her around with Kleenex and Dimetap all weekend. On the plane ride home this child screamed and she yelled and she smacked and hit and kicked and wiggled….she was a terror! (Today she’s been sticking her finger in her right ear and saying, very soulfully I might add, “ouch mama, ouch!”, which explains the behavior on the plane most likely). Instead of snide remarks and nasty looks the people seated around us talked to her and played peek-a-boo with her, they were trying to help us keep her happy and let me tell you if I had heard one nasty remark I was so fed up with the whole thing that heads surely would have rolled, the plane would have made an emergency landing and I would have been carted off to the nearest jail house.

Now I must get back to work…I hope you all are doing well and I will stop round to say hi later on and be posting pics later this week. PS: I think I left my book on the plane! What should I do?


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  1. I have been waiting for you and your mom to post.  I have been anxious to hear how your weekend went.  I got a little snippet from Jerod and Laura’s blogs, which helped.  I am so glad you all had a chance to be together.  Between my parents and two brothers we all live in four different states.  I can’t remember the last time we were all together.  I can only imagine, at this point, what the seperation is like from your mom’s point of view.  I dread the possibility of it happening to us, but know that it is very possible. 

  2. Call the airline and give them the flight number and ask if someone turned it in. I would be surprised if you ever see the book again.
    Having all of you here went way too fast for me; as I knew it would. I’ll be much better when a date is set to see everyone again.
    I’ll be making a new book for Kaia from the many pictures taken this weekend. 🙂

  3. i am glad you got to spend time with holmes- she loves you guys and even better there were cookies for me when i got home on sunday!! yum! i dont know if you or amy made them but they were good! have a good couple of weeks before christmas and try to relax- hopefully i can see you sometime soon!

  4. HEY YOU Happy December…..Glad you had a great THanksgiving!!!  and that book…GONE….Buy another…haha  Hope you are in the festive Holiday spirit….Its snowing here this morning so its been a great mood setter!!!

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