Just an addendum to my October 29 post about proper hotel etiquette…perhaps the background of this tip is in order…

Many times people call down to the Front Desk and would like extra whatever in their room, towels, blankets, pillows, etc. This is fine. So tonight the peculiar in-house ring, well, it rang, and I answered it in my best front desk voice, in fact, I almost purred, “front desk…”. It was room 139 according to my display and the man asked for two more blankets and two more pillows. I quailed momentarily, thinking there were no more pillows to be had, yet recovered remembering that that was last night and today was a new day so surely there would be just two pillows somewhere. There were. As I was walking down the hallway toward the houskeeping office I met a lady I’d checked in earlier whose brother was a math teacher at my mom’s high school, she handed me back the corkscrew she had borrowed from us. I dug out the keys and managed to pull the blankets off the shelf without bringing the whole stack down. There was only one pillow to be seen. Mer. A trip to the upstairs store room. I figured I’d stop and drop off the two blankets and one pillow first. I knocked on the door and heard first the kids shrieking and laughing, the mother quieting them down, then, distinctly I heard one of the children say, “daddy get the door!”…..to which daddy replied, “daddy can’t! daddy’s in his underpants!”. ACK! My toes and fingers crossed themselves in one smooth motion as the news ticker in my head flashed a prayer for daddy not to open the door over and over. Daddy did not open the door, one of the munchkins did, but daddy was laying Playboy bunny style on the bed in, yep you guessed it, just his whitey-tighties. Oh man. And then I had to go back with the other pillow which I haphazardly tossed in the door on my way by as they opened it. There is nothing worse than the sight of a man you don’t love (or worse, your dad or something) posing like an infamous bunny with white skin and a body covered with dark hair. ACK! So now I feel better, telling you this little tale has been a catharsis for me, the image is almost erased from my mind. And that brings us round to the tip, please put clothes on when you answer the door…..or at least cover up! Don’t scandalize your front desk clerk. Thank you.


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  1. thats pretty funny stuff.  I always get on my husband for answering the doors in his underwear.  He always says they are boxers and it doesnt matter but I think it does.  I hate it when he walks the dog in the apartment complex in his underwear too.  Whitey tideys are cracking me up though.  I dont even think my son wears them.  lol!

  2. I am shaking my head at the vivid mental picture you painted….aaak! Seeing one’s beloved in a state of partial dress can be….fun. But the thought of anyone else? NO! I think that guy posed for you on purpose! His mother would be ashamed! lol!

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