If I were to grease my story-machine and write an actual, novel length feature it would most likely be like “More Than You Know”. Most people who know me would say I’m a talker, a chit-chatter, perhaps a jaw-me-dead, but I really do prefer to be quiet sometimes, and therefore have a hard time writing dialogue. Don’t get me wrong, this book was full of dialogue, but it was also narrated and I can narrate. Just had an epiphany, maybe its not so much that I don’t like to talk as that I don’t want lines of dialogue interupting what I have to say, HA! That’s too funny and right on the nose; you learn something new everyday.

Anyway, More was a good read, it scared me twice with its shudder inducing Hollywood (or rather a Suzuki {think The Ring}) kind of ghost, the one that slithers in jerky, false motion, the one with the icky eyes, the one that can actually hurt you. I wasn’t suprised by the end, I saw the end coming pages before it actually happened, I had that bad feeling you get in the pit of your stomach just knowing, somehow, that its all headed toward ruin on a steaming freight train. I think the girl in the book actually said something to the effect of being nervous to live in the moment of happiness she found herself in because the happiness was borrowed and not really hers. Because I knew I wasn’t really sad when it happened, and the author did a poor job that way in that I wasn’t connected to her characters, I didn’t care if they lived or died because to me they had no flesh. It was an ok yarn though, and it passed the time.

I just started to read the Chronicles of Narnia again, all in one big book (thanks mom!) and am almost through with The Magician’s Nephew, which I guess C.S. Lewis meant as a prequel to the series. Lewis at one point refers to the “sarcastic” look of the big cats, and that cracked me up because I realized it was true! My cats look sarcastic or full of disdain most days…here is an image from the movie, of course way bigger than I needed, but I think its Lucy and …. Edmund?


I’m working through the weekend, which sucks, because Casey’s 30th birthday is tomorrow and also Erin and Sara were going to come up and now its dumb for them too as I’d be at work the whole time. I haven’t seen Sara (who’s been one of my best buds since the seventh grade) since Kaia’s party in May and haven’t see Erin since we stopped in for a minute to say hello when she was at work back in July. Plus, you have to admit, 30 is way more a mile stone than 25 (this is what I tell myself…back up slowly and smile in a humoring way). So I’ll be around and I hope you all are doing just skippy. Also, I have just been notified that my faithful friend, Dakota “Doo-da” the Dog, has plowed through my screen door, FIE FOR SHAME!!


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  1. I am jealous that you’ve read so much more than I have of the Chronicles of Narnia! Last time I closed the book, Digory and Polly were riding Strawberry on an Aslan-sent mission……darn it….

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