Mer Mer and a Pinch of Mer

Kaia getting sandwiched by aunts Margo (L) and Mina (R)


I like this title bar thing….anyway. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the 29th, I honestly believed I’d posted in between then and now. I could see myself sitting at the computer and tip-tapping away…apparently not.


Still no news on the new job front. I did gain some interesting information tonight from a chick I work with though. She was like “you could probably get a full ride to go back to school and enough to live on too if you had to quit your job….” tantalizing thought isn’t it? I don’t doubt that I’m eligible for aid, just the amount of that aid. I also have a hard time believing I could quit my job and somehow get money to live on..and I don’t want to end up $30,000 in debt with student loans….so I don’t know….keep clapping your numb little paws and I’ll tell you I may see a fairy’s weak light twinkling in the distance.

I don’t really have anything new to say, I’m pretty boring these days. But I will try and get round to say hi to everyone and catch up a little before I leave for home. Talk to you all later.


Some Halloween Pictures….My unhappy CareBear.



5 thoughts on “Mer Mer and a Pinch of Mer

  1. I have people telling me our family would qualify for more help with college tuition (for daughter C) if one of us would quit working. . .and it does sound tempting on some days.  But like you said, it might just as well be a disaster!

  2. I am pretty sure with you not being married and having a child that you could qualify for a Pell Grant which doesnt have to be paid back.  My Mom put herself through school when my brother and I were younger with those grants.  I believe she even qualified for room and board compensation.  If you are interested its definetly worth filling out the financial aid form to find out.So are you even getting to watch LOST these days or are you working?  Tonight was really good and I am not shocked who was killed off.Kelly

  3. You would probably geet a good amount of grants, especially since you’re staying in Michigan, and student loans aren’t too bad if your education will get you into a good profession. I used to be bummed about my $16,000 in student loan debt, but I’ve come to find out that’s actually pretty small and, once I’m ordained, I’ll be making enough to pay it back rather quickly. In short, your graduate school brother votes for school.

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