Well, female_valet gave birth to a healthy baby boy, as did my cousin in Boston! Sheesh, I’m up to my ears in new babies, does it make me want one? Maybe to hold for a minute, surely not to keep! But CONGRATUALTIONS !!!!


I have to admit that I am really starting to feel like there is something wrong with me. I have been looking and looking for a job that can staff me on those coveted day time shifts and haven’t had even a jiggle on the end of my line. Its so frustrating to make people see how what I do all day and have been doing for what seems like eons, is the SAME THING people in offices all over town are doing, just for a different end and with a lot more emphasis on being nice to people. So clap your hands if you believe in fairies, Alicia wants to be home with her family, not at work!                   


I’m pretty boring otherwise….Kaia is going to be a Carebear for Halloween, the one with red heart on its belly (see below)



….anyway, thats about all. We are not dressing up this year but I am excited to be able to pass out candy to our neighbors…Quick poll….would you take your 17month old trick or treating? Or is she too young? Let me know your opinions ladies! Have a great day.


I was also inspired by www.jaredcramer.com ‘s blog (my little brother)…he did a write up on proper restaurant etiquette and I thought I would pass on some proper hotel etiquette…

1. The Greeting: Please don’t be offended if I don’t greet you by name, a) I am not a mind reader and b) I am afraid of pronouncing it wrong. Please reply to my simple and sincere questions, such as ‘how are you?’ and ‘isn’t it a lovely day?’ I am trying to gauge your mood so I will know what I need to do to help us both (help you not finally die of that aneurysm that has been threatening since the Michigan border some 6 or 8 hours ago and help me because then you won’t be pissed off at me).

2. The Interview: When I ask if you want smoking or non (on the horn or in person), just tell me what you really prefer, I don’t even mind when you ask which costs more, that is a fair question. I promise not to make any moral judgements (and I probably already know ’cause I usually can just look at a person and tell). I also promise to actually charge you that $75 fee I threatened with if you smoke in a non smoking room. When I ask for your phone number you may give it to me in a decibel or two above a whisper. I really would be surprised if anyone in the lobby is listening and will remember long enough to write it down, most people forget what room they’re in at least once while staying here. I personally will not sell your information to other telemarketing/junk mail/spam companies, I honestly do not know if its headed that way when you give it to me, but I will not be profiting from such a sale. Same deal with your address. I need these pieces of information for several reasons: In case you or someone with you damages a room registered to you, in case you leave something behind so we can mail it back to you, also to fill the empty space and make me look smart with my quick clickety clack typing, I also think its a law for me to have it on file. When I ask for your credit card information you can be positive that I won’t sell that off with your phone number, you can also be pretty sure there is no one listening who is going to write down your card number and steal your identity over the “non-secure” line of your cell phone or cordless (YES! cordless! people are nuts!) phone. If you are concerned about such a thing you should just take your chances and show up because A LOT of hotels will not reserve or rent you a room without benefit of your credit card (paying cash at checkout is acceptable). Keep in mind if this is the path you choose that by the time you get here in your little Pinto from New Hampshire I may not have a room available…  Please listen to me when I give directions, I know where your room is and you certainly want to so sit up and turn on your ears. Be observant, look at where you are, look at the signs posted for your convenience. No one really wants you to get lost, no one wants to walk you to elevator because you have walked right by looking at your tennis shoes three times, we want you to be safely ensconced in your room in the shortest possible time. We all could really benefit from just paying a little more attention.

3. The Interval: Whilst staying in the hotel you are in a rare state of transience, you’re here but on your way out all the time. So just do everyone a favor and abide by these simple rules: Do not sit in the hallways in chairs you have dragged out of your room (unbolted from the floor, ha ha, kidding) and drink beer, cut up, smoke cigars, chortle or act in an otherwise lascivious fashion. This is not Las Vegas and we won’t stand for it after the first complaint from people who are sleeping in the beds they paid for. Please do not skip to the pool in your bikini or speedo. Please do not don a satin or lace negligee instead (I have really seen this, I am not making it up)….whatever happened to pajama pants and a T shirt? Please do not consider swimming in your skivvies because you forgot your suit, we know better and so does everyone else in the world. You may think those boxer shorts are pretty spiffy but we don’t need to see all your…ahem…little details. Please do not allow your children to run like herds of wildebeest through the hotel, because I know you’ll be down to yell at me when little Johnnie breaks his nose tripping over his brother’s feet in their race to get to the (locked) room door. Please don’t call me and say your heater doesn’t work, that you can’t find the thermostat, that you want (of all things!) me to turn the heat up in your room….Actually I take that back, you can call but be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you. Whose fault is it that you don’t get out much?

4. The Checkout: If there is something you don’t understand on your bill, ask me about it, but ask me in a way that conveys respect for me as a human being and for me as the person who knows the title of that dirty movie you rented last night and would LOVE to shout it out into the lobby full of people. If I’m wrong ( I know everyone is not like this, but let’s all give each other the benefit of the doubt, we’ll live longer), I will fix it, I will adjust it, I will take it off or give it back. I’m not out to rip you off, trust that. If you enjoyed your stay, tell me so, you’ll make my morning. If there was something that could have been better you can tell me that too, and I will lend a sympathetic ear and do what I can to make it better for you; there will be instances where what I can do will not be enough. Please be satisfied for the time being, take my advice, and call my manager in the morning, don’t fight with me when my hands are tied ’cause I can say “no” all day, but I really like to say “yes”….As you’re pulling out of the parking lot please avoid speeding and running over small children…and one more cautionary note….please be sure, if you really have to yell, that you are yelling about something I can control or something I messed up…because I don’t make beds, I don’t check rooms, I don’t set rates and I don’t decide dumb things like where the dog runs will be in relation to your room…..Keep that in mind and keep coming back, because most of us care. You get more bees with honey than vinegar and that thought will take you far.


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  1. try working for a bank as a teller, they get paid similar if not more than a front desk person (i’ve done that)…i work for a bank…i’m a personal banker, i open accounts for people but i needed 11 months as a call center agent to get that job…i think you might do well as a teller, just dont steal the money, they don’t like that…and its only during the day, how bout that?!?!?!

  2. To m7nardi….yes but I think even bank tellers make less money than I make now and I need to make about 3$ more per hour to afford to pay more than $100 a week for daycare…..thanks for the idea though.

  3. Ahhh, spoken by a true worker who has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the adoring public. LOL. I worked retail for four years. Nothing that people do suprises me anymore and NO, the customer is NOT always right. LOL. : )~

  4. Hey!  Thanks for the congrats!  He is a pretty cool little guy.  Its been hard trying to mae time for hte other little guy now but I am making it work. IS that Care Bears name Lion Heart?  I cant remember.  Its been so long.  haha!

  5. Oh hey I clapped my hands twice for you, I hope you do find something with a better schedule for you and Kaia and Casey. Also, I found a really cool Halloween blog site, I thought of you  when I was looking at it. I pasted the website address on my blog, check it out, and be sure to sift through all the OLD Halloween pictures on it, they are so cool!!!!!! Alot of them are toooooooo old for you, but they are from my era ( 60’s & 70’s) Hope you have a good day, and I’ll keep praying you find a different job soon!

  6. …okay, only because i respect your judgment entirely, i bought a used copy of bag of bones today…this king fellow seems to have a knack for telling stories…i just finished sheila heti’s “ticknor,” a quick and quirky read… 

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