Hello friendly faces one and all….I see female_valet has gone off to have her baby boy, very exciting! Hmm…trying to think of something fun to write and coming up with nothing.

Yesterday was nice, had too many people on at work so I left a little early and was able to go home and relax for a while. I took a short nap and Kaia didn’t take a nap (is this a new phase? I would like to know why the child is suddenly an insomniac!) and we went out to the park so Casey could kyak. It was fun, I tried it and Casey asked me later if I liked it, he said he thought I looked pretty relaxed, which is the point I guess of climbing into a tippy boat and paddling aimlessly. I said I was not so much relxed as tryingto fight off visions of bony fingers grasping the side of the kyak and tipping it and dragging me down to the murky depths of Arbutus lake…which is true, but he didn’t believe me. It was fun and this DVD his parents have about kyaking I think should be tossed out, how hard could it be people?! If I can do it, anyone can. Anyway, then we had to go because Kaia was being a naughty. Did anyone else have this issue where their nice sweet baby went overnight into a  screaming demon? I know she has always driven me slightly crazy but lately in the car she goes nuts! Crying and screaming and hitting the window, etc, if you’ve dealt with this what did you do to make them stop the obnoxious behavior?

We got home and Kaia had some soup and (finally!) a short nap while mommy made chocolate chunk/butterscotch cookies (coo-kaa is you ask Kai) and stuffed bacon wraped chicken, the smell of which nauseated me. I ate the chicken and was really really sorry as I gasped in pain at 4am…didn’t get much sleep if you get my meaning. We tried to put the kid down two or three times and she just laid in there and screamed. We finally did the worst possible thing we could have done, we got her up, brought her into our room and let her sit on our bed with us and eat cookies and watch Fever Pitch. So yeah, a little disappointed now, the morning after, in my allowing that to happen…but I guess I can’t do anything about it now. Its just hard to know if she’s screaming because something hurts or because she’s being manipulative….I’m pretty sure its not the former but I still feel bad listening to her…guess I should just suck it up or I’ll have a six year old cookie monster in my bed every night, eh?

Fever Pitch wasn’t too bad, even the ending which was hugely overdone was great because it fit with the whole crazy context of the moment. Drew Barrymore is always herself, which kind of bugs me. There were some scenes where you would swear they’d just changed the angle off the camera so you couldn’t see the script she was reading from for the first time. But all in all it wasn’t the worst way to spend a Saturday night (okay and kind of fun to have the coo-kaa monster in the bed too because she skrieks so loud when she sees something she likes and she still fake laughs when we laugh….she’s funny).

I hope you all have a great day, back to work for me and pumpkin carving is today as last week Kaia still had the creeping crud and we didn’t want to take her out in the damp for too long…..Have a great week! I probably won’t be back until Friday because I work during the day Mon and Tues and the boss is here so no opportunity to xanga….and I have Wed and Thurs off….have a great week (again!).


PS: I’m the one on the left in my new profile pic, taken about five years ago, right after I met Casey. I really never liked the girl who is really trying to choke me so I just didn’t want to be mistaken for her.


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  1. My little girl is getting awful about taking naps as well! She used to be so good. : (  Now, I have to lie down with her toget her to go to sleep. If I don’t, she just plays. LOL.

  2. Who is that in the picture with you? ????
    I am still pondering an opinion on the don’t-put-me-in-my-carseat-Kaia. I think you are a good mother and that anything I suggest you’ve likely already tried. But I’ve not given up pondering!

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