Hey. Don’t know if anyone has read the great A. Manette Ansay….she writes wonderful books and one was even an Oprah book (which honestly makes me more dis-inclined to read it than anything) and since I am out of fresh material (including all bottles with words on them in my house…yes, I have actually been caught wondering round reading shampoo bottles when hurting for books) I have started over again with some of my old favorites. so Vinegar Hill is one of those. I actually chose that one because I was able to meet this author when she came (don’t ask me why) to the great north in 2004 right after we had moved up here. I was tickled to see that I had the Traverse Area District Libraries news letter tucked into the book with directions to the library…I was also tickled to be reminded that of all the people who showed up to her little thing at the library (about 12) I was the only one with a copy of the book and one of two who had actually read the book. So her hands held my copy and turned its pages and read its printed words…then she signed it for me “thanks for the loan of this book”….and patted my big pregnant belly and wished me luck. So that was my brush with (kind of) fame…

Winter is indeed coming, which is kind of an assanine thing to say because it always does. Laurie (helmet hair) Puckett said this coming weekend will be our peak weekend for fall colors and the trees are lovely this year; some of them look on fire they are so red.

Kaia was up late last night and early this morning which was sad for me. I kept shushing her during Desperate Housewives, she’s too loud for the dialogue I needed to hear! Casey’s mom and dad came this weekend and she delighted his mom by warming right up to her (I think the mini pumpkin she brought just for Kai helped) and maddening his dad because she refused to be picked up by him or kissed by him. She’s kinda like that with Grandma Valerie too…I don’t know why. She has her little play house, okay its not little, in our living room now and it takes up a lot of space. She loves it though and she cracks us up going in and out and always shutting the door and leaning out the windows yelling “HI!” and “stirring” things in her pans on the stove…she’s a nice lady.

Anyway…so I guess no one comes to say hello but my mom anymore and thats okay (at least thats what I say to your face!) because I know I haven’t been around and its boring to look at the same old post for two weeks….I’m vowing to be better and I have been round to your sites….So I hope you all are having a great day and I’ll talk to you later!


PS: I just had to come back and add this because its really funny…there are these two sisters in the lobby and they are both very deaf….the one keeps clacking her dentures which is a sound I had only read about until now and they keep screaming at Courtney “WE’RE HEARING IMPAIRED!”…I’m sorry, it seems mean to laugh but holy cow, they’re screaming in stereo!


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  1. I always try and come by to say hello when you post!  Im sorry if I have missed one!   I am a big Oprah fan but have only read one of her books from the book club.  It was one of John Steinbecks and I enjoyed it immensely.  East of Eden. So I am off to force my boy into bed.  Enjoy your night at work.KElly 

  2. Why don’t you like Oprah books? I thought you did. I always looked for them at the library. I am feeling confused….I need explanation….help me….lol!
    The book I told you about has taken an interesting twist. It’s still not deep, but it’s not as lame as the one you told me about. I’ll send it to you and let you read it when I’m done and get your professional opinion.

  3. dont know if you heard, but Roxanne and Joe are splitsville…i guess it happened like 8 months ago, and Roxanne just had a baby…it aint Joe’s if that tells you what happened there…she is back to a Schaner, and he back to an Anderson…crazy, but that’s how it goes…Mike

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