Still have my nose to the grindstone and am convinced I will not have a face left when this week is over. One more shift!!! Then I can have 4 days of bliss. We’re looking forward to a nice cool, quiet weekend as no one is visiting (at least I don’t think anyone is). Its been really hot here this week, in the mid-80’s and then today everyone hauled out the winter coats for the 51 degree high we had….so  I guess now it will probably stay cool (and get colder!) until spring.

I really wish I had a topic and could just go and entertain you people…I just have been so crazy that even when my main source of education (NPR) has been on I’m only half listening, I keep dozing off during Good Morning America (and usually get bonked on the head with a toy for my trouble)….so I really have no sound fact based voice on any new issues….I will say though that the Republicans are kinda cracking me up over this judge issue. When that John Roberts was sworn in and questioned and all that the Repuublicans were like “shut up you big babies, be the bigger man for your country and to appear united” and now look who’s crying and saying they’ve been stabbed in the back. Can you imagine if Bush had wanted  a Democrat or an Independent (gasp!)…..LOL, it just cracks me up. I think too many people look at it too seriously, seriously enough for everyone….its just a big parade anyway.

I’m trying to think of crazy things Kaia has done lately….She got into the tub fully clothed! But I think I already told you that….Ok, I’m officially boring. I hope you all are having a great week and I will stop by tomorrow and then be away for 4 days. About two weeks until female_valet has her much anticipated baby…my cousin is due then too…..okay. Bye.


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  1. Republicans.  Democrats.  They all kill me.  haha!Yes I am ready to get this little guy out of me so I can enjoy his company.  This whole pregnancy thing exhausts me. 

  2. decided that Kim and i are coming up to hang out…we can tell all of our old horror stories about when we dated….on second thought i think we will stay home :)Mike

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