Hola Amigos! Work is hell, but then it always is. Found out a few days ago my brother is coming home from Texas to spend Christmas with his northern michigan (not quite yoopers… hehe) family. Its exciting because we’ll get to see him at Thanksgiving when we go to my mom’s too (she’s in Austin, he’s out of Abilene)….So YAY.

Dad and Val and the girls came over for dinner last night…Bill (my uncle who said he was coming) decided  not to at the last possible minute so Val was irritated with him. We had grilled bone-in chicken (with lots of accompanying jokes about ‘big breasts’), cheesy potatoes and I made a dessert from a recipe my mama gave me (see at bottom)….We also sat out around the campfire and s’mores were offered but declined….ah well, always keep a six pack in the house is what I say (….a six pack of chocolate bars that is…I know, I’m lame today). So a pleasant evening was passed by all. Kaia was restless though and had a hard time going down. I think it was just so much playing and running and screaming that she was wound up.

This week I have a full “normal” week, during the day Monday and Tuesday and then nights again Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I do have Saturday and Sunday off it just seems like kind of a high price to pay (working 10 days straight to have a weekend off). I am thinking of doing day care, I know I said in my last post I was afraid of my own potential for violence but today I am more afraid my attitude and for the desires of my heart. I can’t be away from Casey and Kaia anymore. This mama wants to be home with her family. Call me old fashioned, just wait ’til you have kids of your own!

Well I hope you all have a great week…I’ll be around when I can but probably not Monday or Tuesday as all the bosses are here and I must look efficient. Thanks all…



Delicious Dessert

Layer One:

1 Cup flour

1 Stick of margarine or butter

1 8oz pckg Pecans (I used walnuts) finely chopped

Stir flour and pecans together, cut butter into flour and nuts and spread in bottom of 13 x 9 inch pan. Cook at 400 degrees for 15 minutes or just until edges are brown. Let cool completely before adding layer two.

Layer Two:

1 and 1/4 cup milk

1 Regular sized packet of instant vanilla pudding

Wisk together in a bowl and pour over top of layer one.

Layer Three

1 and 1/4 cup milk

1 Regular box of instant chocolate pudding

Wisk in bowl and pour over layers one and two.

Layer Four:

1 8oz packg of cream plain cream cheese, softened.

1 Cup powdered sugar

Half of an 8oz. container of Cool Whip

Mix powdered sugar and cream cheese together. Fold in Cool Whip and spread over bottom layers. Add rest of cool whip and you’re done. Enjoy!!


Sorry I didn’t put in earlier, busy busy busy today!!Let me know how it goes if you try the recipe.


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  1. Hola yourself, amiga! I just got off the phone with your Casey not even thinking you might be at work today. Kaia even talked to me. Casey told me she had been writing in a notebook of paper, but when he answered the phone she decided that his arm was more interesting for artwork. I got to talk to Kaia too! I asked her if she was writing on paper and she said, “no!”. I asked her if mama went bye bye and she gave me a very long answer of which not one word was intelligible. lol! I loved it!
    Whatever you decide to do for employment, I know you will make the right decision and I will stand by you!

  2. Im not sure i blame you for wanting to be home.  I cant seem to make up my mind these days.  *sigh*Yay for seeing family on the Holidays!  Enjoy your day.KElly

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