Look at that! This is the most I’ve posted in a week for the longest time! Its cold and wet and windy and rainy here tonight, the forecaster people are trying to send us all shivering to our thermostats by threatening snow but I refuse to believe it.

So anyway, I was thinking that I would like for this to happen: I would like the phone to ring and for someone to say they have a job for me. They are going to pay me more than I have ever made, which wouldn’t take much!, and all I have to do is be in an office all day long with the door closed and no one calling me and file or something. That is what I would like. I have had it UP TO HERE with attitude and am really starting to scare myself with the mouthy comebacks I’ve been letting slip…one of these days I’m gonna say something horrible and be in real trouble….Better yet, they will tell me all I have to do is buy a computer and then I can work at home and fax my completed paper work to them. The more I do, the more they pay me. Now that would be awesome. Pajamas all day would still be the “in” look at my house…See, I just don’t have the motivation to go to college, I just don’t want to. And I think anyone who knows me will tell you that if I don’t want to I probably won’t….not one of the stronger character traits I possess. I don’t want to do daycare and tear my hair out all day over other people’s kids, I don’t like my own kid enough sometimes…I can’t imagine if she wasn’t related…I would have tied her in the yard months ago (ha ha ha ha)…..So I just wish I could stay home and make cookies and make Kaia a nice lady and still have enough money to live in my house and pay my car payment and go grocery shopping whenever I wanted to. Is that too much to ask?

LOST was awesome tonight (or what I saw of it). I’ve really been wondering about Locke and after seeing the preview for next week am thinking darn, if my instinct wasn’t right on…I can’t wait to see! Anyway… 12 minutes to go and then I am out of here!! I hope you all are doing great, I’ll be around to say hi quick….


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  1. My goodness do we sound a lot alike.  I dread the idea of having to answer or deal with anyone when I go back to work.  Im a smart girl jsut have no desore to do the school thing.  ugh!LOST was awesome.  I like Jack more and more as time goes on.  He is so intense!  I thought the ending with Jin yelling ”the others” was awesome and even gave me chills.  1 hour jsut doesnt seem long enough.Have a good day today.KElly 

  2. You bet LOST was awesome. Watching the end made me think of having to read “Lord of the Flies” in high school (I hated that book!) and wonder if the others on the opposite side of the island were also survivors of the same plane crash.
    I’m still not sure about Locke either, but must have missed what you saw…..
    BTW, I wish the same things for you job-wise as well. πŸ˜‰
    Oh, and yes it has always been a character trait of yours that if you don’t want to, then you won’t. Don’t get me started! lol!

  3. Amen to the job thing, girl. I have had several terrible jobs and bosses myself. I have even be fired once when I refused to break up with my then-boyfriend-now-husband because he had been promoted to a salry position and I was hourly. *sigh* I definately hear you. I do hope you find a job you really like. They are out there, just very hard to track down. Best of luck!

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