Well, things have been pretty crazy for most of lately…so sorry I haven’t been around. I am currently snacking on a wonderful tangy apple from my boss’ family orchard and wishing the clock would hurry up and get to three so I can leave!!

Work was nuts this weekend, I get so many people who are so mean and such vile complainers! I guess just working in this industry for so long I am less inclined to be a snot when things get messed up because I realize that no one is perfect…but I also am aware of what mistakes are just really hard to make because they’re so dumb, those are the ones that will tick me off. Even though I have waited tables I tend to be harder on servers who forgot to ever come back and fill up my drink or forget my dipping sauce….The key thing to remember (for everyone, not just me) is that there is a whole lot going on that you (me) as a customer are unaware of and that incompetence is not always or even usually to blame for bad experiences.

We had several soccer groups in the hotel this weekend for tournament and these kids, for the most part, were okay. There was one group ( as there always seems to be ) that was HORRID. Last night, for example, I had two regular rooms checkout when they heard this group was still here for the night. This group had a birthday party in my lobby (which they thankfully cleaned up after) and then the adults all sat around playing drinking games while their kids ran wild! They were cannon-balling into the hot tub, they were racing up and down the hallways and stairwells, they were playing in the parking lots, etc. And the wacky thing was that this was an under 12 group for kids….the parents meanwhile, were so loud that we had to shout at each other to be heard at the desk. Ugh. It was a night.

Casey’s mom and dad and niece, Samantha, are up for the weekend and I feel bad because I’ve  been at work the whole time. But they will probably still be there when I get home today. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and I’ll stop by and say hello today.

My thought for the day, by the way, comes from a Blues Traveler tune….”…if I’m doing my job, its your resolve that breaks…”




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  1. Dealing with some of the public can be a headache!  I would love to go back to work but then I remember people or groups like that and jsut wonder if its really what I want to do.  LOL!Have a good day and I hope you get some time in wtih Caseys family.KElly

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