Hey ya’ll! I’m here, I’m around, just not really here at xanga lately.

My new house is still amazing, I’m gonna try to post some pictures but, as Jared says, I am html challenged…I will do my best. Anyway, work is the same, work. Kaia is doing okay too…did anyone ever have their little one just all of a sudden one day start tossing her cookies after drinking milk? I nursed her and she was never a spit up baby and now she still has her bottles a few times a day (I know, I know, but she’s 15 months, not 5) but the last few times she’s thrown up heavy whipped cream after having a ba ba…its gross but maybe a good thing as I am forced to feed her good food.

I will give the pictures a shot now….I hope you are all doing well and as my shift is not even half over I’m sure I’ll be around to say hello to everyone tonight.

Home sweet home!

And the back yard view…


…and the other side…(sorry folks, I don’t have a wide angle lens)…


And our sweet Kaia Blue…


And thats all for tonight folks, I will be round in a bitsky…


3 thoughts on “

  1. Oh! It looks so pretty! I love the balcony/deck in the backyard.
    *sigh* One day, I will have a house too. Your story inspires me. : )

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