Happy Monday everyone! Some weird guy just called down to the desk and he’s all “where do fun people go to meet other fun people around here?” being so far out of the club scene I’m like “well you could drive over to the sand dunes or do the scenic drive up the peninsula”…LOL! I’m an old fuddy duddy, sounded like fun to me! So then he comes down for a map (after I realize he wants to go to the bar) and says to me first thing <insert breathy voice here> “You have a wonderful phone voice, very sexy…” UMMM, YEAH. I said just as sweet as you please, “oh really? maybe I should go into radio..” So he left and whatever and good riddance!


I LOVE MY HOUSE (insert mental image of me dancing a jig, I have changed profile pic so you can actually imagine me)….anyway. Kaia is mean to me and I don’t really have much else to say. Work is slow so I will try and get round to your sites…Have a a geat day, don’t give up on me faithful readers!


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  1. Hey you!  My goodness you are never on anymore!!!!  I am glad life is well and that you love your house!  Thanks for the kind words.  Have a good night at work.  Its time for me to put hte crazy boy to bed! 

  2. you like the pic huh? i dont think amy would ever put a picture like that on the net- better yet i dont think she would ever put on that hat!! if she found out this was my picture she’d probably kill me…she never uses her xanga anymore cuz her work sux??!! where do i get a reflective coat??!!just kidding-LL

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