Wow! I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post.

Daycare has started for the little chicken, we found a wonderful lady named Nancy to take her. I was nervous on Tuesday when I had to drop her off the first time. She only cried for a minute ( at least that is what I’m told, I was shooed out the door )…Casey went to pick her up and Nancy comes around the corner with six girls on a big red buggy, Kaia is sitting there all nice and sweet, she wailed and fought when she realized it was time to go home! Wednesday was fine too, she just went right to Nancy and Casey said when he picked her up she was dancing in the middle of the living room! I’m so glad though, that she didn’t get kicked out her first day, that she’s not feeling abandoned, that Nancy is so good with her, etc. It kinda makes me wonder why I get the short end of the stick with her, I can’t hardly take her into a store for more than five minutes, much less put her in a stroller and take her for a walk without a major scene….not fair!! Next week she goes for about 2 and a half hours all five days and we are going to enjoy a whole weekend together in our new house!

Speaking of new house! It was kinda sad, I’ll admitt it, when we left the Center Rd house. It had, after all, served a purpose for us. I cried a little and didn’t look back as we drove away (mostly because I had a savage beast psycho cat in the seat next to me and was afraid to move for fear he’d attack)…We LOVE our new house! I was actually a little freaked out yesterday. I was in our room sorting and organizing  clothes in the closet, Kaia was asleep….and I was just thinking about how nice it was to have my toes on carpet and a closet big enough for our stuff and to feel the cool breeze coming in the window…and then the quiet really started to get to me. There was NO sound! No traffic like before, just absolute quiet. So  I had to turn on the clockradio for background noise…its so nice though, to move into a place where you don’t have to clean first! To move into a place that is in excellent shape. Watching Kaia play in the yard is so great for us as we hadn’t been able to do that before as the yard was littered with broken glass. We just love it! And I hope I will not offend anyone by saying this: because this house is so much like a house I used to live in and where there was usually so much happiness, it just feels like coming home. I know where the light switches are and I knew when I walked in what rooms would be where….its delightful! I’ll be posting pics later in the week so keep stopping by even though I haven’t been around (I’m Sorry!)…

I should stop round to your sites and get back to work. I’m really fighting the urge to order fries from the restaurant aross the parking lot, but its like a real physical craving for grease! Must be pms…sorry guys…Hope you all are doing well…


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  1. thats cool that you feel at home in your new house…when we decided to buy a house for the first time it was hard…we had looked at so many houses and none of them feeled right until we found this one…my mom came and looked at it once, and in the driveway on the way out she said, “you need to figure out what you need to do to get this house.” it has little quirks like you cant blow dry your hair in the bathroom while the air is on in the living room, but its fun stuff that makes it quirky and ours…hope the same happens for you guys…Mike

  2. It’s ok, honey, you didn’t hurt my feelings by saying that there was usually happiness in the house you remember. I think that’s good and I’m glad you get warm fuzzy feelings with those memories.
    As the days go by and you make this house your home, your heart will be peaceful. Nesting can be a powerful thing in a woman and you, like your mother you poor soul, are a nester.
    I’m happy that you’ve found a place to nest that brings you joy. It is the answer to many prayers prayed on your behalf.

  3. wow, i cant believe you read my ‘timeline’ thing!! allwell…i was having a weird night cuz my grandpa just died and i was doing homework and writing a lot to relieve some stress….i really dont know why i put that on there!!  (developmental psych. assignment!)
    thanks for saying hello!  tell kaia and casey i said hi

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