Well. I think today I am going to try and find a way to either get supplies down south or just donate to the Red Cross or ASPCA…I know human lives are important, but I also know there are family pets who have been necessarily abandoned and that are hungry. Maybe a little to both? It actually would be harder for me to sit down in Kaia’s room and dig through her clothes to see what I can bear to part with than to come up with some extra money where there really isn’t any. I guess the AstroDome is at capacity and the officials are reluctant to take more people because they don’t want a bad situation to just get worse. I was hearing on NPR this morning that the Charity Hospital and University Hospitals are begging for help, living with about no electricity, no sewer/water, dead bodies and people who are desperately ill. What is wrong with people who are shooting at anyone in uniform? Don’t they want help? Don’t they want to go home someday? How long can it last, to run a city through anarchy and murder and gunfire? I’m glad they’ve given the order for those people to be shot on site, and its not like me to say this, but I’ll say it now, desperate times call for desperate meaures, they might shoot the wrong person more than once, but at least someone is trying to get this city under control! If I had a boat I would go, they said its only volunteers now who are trying to get people out of these hospitals and to help, because of sniper fire from the hooligans. I feel like I could go down there and turn this around! Dispatch people to the ones who need help the most, I could be ruthless like the nurses at Pearl Harbor who marked their dying foreheads with lipstick. I could organize this, I could get this cleaned up, I could get people the help they need even if I had to go for hours and hours and not sleep…this is what I feel in my heart but my mind beats me down and tells me how complicated it is, how hard it is. Ugh, I just wish I could help.

Well, today starts a very busy week. Today is my last day with the girls . On Tuesday they enter the world of big kids and start school. Then it will just be me and Kaia during the days, probably at first it will be nice and quiet, but I know I’ll miss the boisterous activity. I work tonight at 5 until 9, 7a-3p tomorrow, 9a-1p on Sunday, 7a-3p on Monday, and then 3p-11p on Tues and Wed….in between all of this I will be packing and cleaning and getting ready to move into our new house! WHEW!

Well, breakfast is closing down and I need to get my laundry started. I hope all of you will consider giving to the aid organization of your choice, just think, if everyone gave $20 what an impact that could make for these people. Have a great weekend and I probably won’t be around again until Tuesday…but I’ve already been round to say hello to everyone. Have a great weekend.


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  1. I just can’t believe people are acting the way they are with the violence and looting and killing. It is so sad. I feel for the poor people stuck in the midst of it. They just scraped througha hurricane and lost everything and now they have to worry about being shot at! Agh! So sad. : (

  2. You are so right that every little bit counts. I can’t stand to think about all the death and confusion. I’ve filled out a form to volunteer to foster a pet for evacuees that can’t have them in the shelter but brought them along. I’ve emailed the local Red Cross too. We’ll see who bites first. I’m doing what I can!

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